A 4-year-old girl who died after her father broke her leg and bones was beaten in the buttocks.

 A 4-year-old girl who died after her father broke her leg and bones was beaten in the buttocks.

A man surnamed Chuang was questioned

According to the news of Taiwans Lianhe News Network and Zhongshi Electronic Daily on September 10, Zhuang Jiayi, a man, and his girlfriend had never married. After being entrusted by their girlfriend to take care of their 4-year-old daughter, they abused her many times. In 2017, when the girl suffered from chewing inconvenience and eating difficulties due to decayed teeth, she was forced to be disciplined by scolding. The right leg bone puncture skin exposed by a latte stick was painfully beaten on the girl, and the hip was blown open. It was delayed for three weeks until the girl had shock and the first aid was ineffective.

Liu Zhenmei (54 years old) found that the girl was seriously injured, but worried that after the case of child abuse was exposed, the wanted son would also be found, let her injuries worsen, delay the time and opportunity to seek medical treatment, and eventually lead to the death of the girl due to septic shock. In the first instance, Zhuangmu was sentenced to death for adults committing murder against children, and his mother Liu Zhenmei was sentenced to life imprisonment for her accomplice.

The iron bar held by Chuang Man

Zhuang Jiayis lawyer pointed out that according to the psychological appraisal report, the possibility of Zhuangs future recidivism was low, and his family conditions were not good when he was a child. His parents used to teach him abuse. When girls could not see their mothers often crying and did not like to eat, Chuang would teach them in accordance with the previous way of abuse. If Zhuangzhuang had not been instilled with the idea of fighting to be obedient since childhood, there would be no such tragedy in nurturing girls.

Chuang Tzu-ren just wanted to make the girl behave well, and he didnt mean to kill anyone. When the girls leg bones are exposed and unable to walk, Zhuangyou helps feed, take a bath, and also helps the wound smear. She finds that the girl has not breathed and CPR is applied to the girl. If Zhuangyou intentionally wants to let the girl die, she should not do anything to the girl. Lawyers therefore believe that the death penalty is inappropriate.

The lawyer also said that when Zhuang Jiayi was a child, his fingers dislocated and his brothers hands broken, his parents took him to the National Academy of Arts to watch. In his understanding, the broken bones would not die, so he applied medicine for the girls wound. Innocent thought that the wound was good, you can take it to the National Academy of Arts to look good.

The girls leg bone was broken and pierced through the skin. Her buttocks and face were blown open.

The girls grandfather and mother expressed no intention of reconciliation and hoped that the judge could maintain the death penalty and give a fair account to family members and society. His grandfather said in court that his granddaughter, who was only four years old, was dead and her eyes were wide open. Her granddaughter and Zhuangjiayi were related by blood, but they were beaten to bone exposure, buttocks blossoming, and fingers missing. Chuang did not see a doctor. He lost his bag and left the hospital afterwards. Otherwise, the granddaughter would come if there were no monitor pictures. Nowadays it is still a nameless corpse, and Zhuangmu is still playing with computers when she knows something has happened, but now she argues that she cant see with her eyes.

For Chuang Man and his mother to cry in court to apologize for a lighter sentence, netizens can not see the sincerity, their apology is like crocodile tears. Who would believe it?

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Wang Ning_NB12468