Women apologize by sending text messages to deceived fraudsters for their online loans for maternal treatment: Why dont you say it earlier?

 Women apologize by sending text messages to deceived fraudsters for their online loans for maternal treatment: Why dont you say it earlier?

Modern Express is anxious to raise medical expenses for mothers. Ms. Wang of Gaoyou in Yangzhou was deceived of more than 50,000 yuan by listening to online loans. When the cheater learned that Ms. Wangs loan was to treat her mothers illness, he sent an apology message to Ms. Wang.

Recently, Ms. Wang of Gaoyou, Yangzhou, suddenly received a strange call from her, who said she could make a large loan for Ms. Wang. That afternoon, Ms. Wang received another application from a Weixin friend, who said she could make a loan. Considering that the sick mother at home needs a lot of medical expenses, Ms. Wang decided to make a decision through her friends first. After adding friends, Ms. Wang asked if the other party could borrow 150,000 yuan and what process the loan had. The other side said that it could borrow 150,000 yuan and get the account on the same day, and it could be divided into 36 periods at most, only paying more than 5,000 yuan in one period.

Ms. Wang wanted to borrow 150,000 yuan as soon as she thought the loan conditions were good. The other side suggested that in order to lend money smoothly, it is necessary to pay some fees to package up Ms. Wangs personal data. Ms. Wang felt justified and transferred 6,000 yuan to the account provided by the other party. Just as Ms. Wang was waiting for the loan, the other side said that there was an abnormal bank account and she had to pay a deposit of 15,000 yuan. Ms. Wang was in a hurry to lend money, so she transferred another 15,000 yuan. Subsequently, the other side repeatedly asked Ms. Wang to remit money on the pretext of paying interest in advance and thawing the loan account. Unexpectedly, Ms. Wang believed it. In this way, Ms. Wang remitted more than 50,000 yuan to each other.

Apology message from cheater

A penny was not lent, but it was remitted to the other party more than 50,000 yuan. At this time, the other side still let Ms. Wang continue to transfer money for various reasons. Ms. Wang, who had no money to remit, began to doubt at this time. Ms. Wang unwillingly texted to ask the other party whether the loan could come down or not, but she was waiting for the money to treat her mothers illness. The other side sent a message to let Ms. Wang know that she met a cheater. The cheater sent an apology message to Ms. Wang: Sorry, sister, I can only tell you Im sorry. Why dont you tell me earlier that when you borrowed money, you wanted to see a doctor for your mother? Im sorry, Sister, this side is really deceiving you. You told me earlier that if your loan was to see your mother, I would not be able to do your money. Wishing your mother a speedy recovery! Goodbye sister, hope you dont trust these online lending platforms in the future, the water is deep.

Knowing that she was cheated, Ms. Wang rushed to the police station to report the case. At present, the police have launched an investigation into the case.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002