Foreign media exposed Taiwanese troops or planned air strikes on Fujian and Taiwan authorities busily denied: false news

 Foreign media exposed Taiwanese troops or planned air strikes on Fujian and Taiwan authorities busily denied: false news

The New York Times published an article by its columnist Nicholas Kristof on September 5, quoting a senior government official from the Taiwanese authorities as saying that the offensive and defensive plan of the Taiwanese military on the mainland of China might include an air attack on Fujian Province.

After the relevant content was reported, the Taiwan authorities Ministry of Defense on the 10th refuted rumors that it was false information. Wu Zhaoxie, the foreign minister of the Taiwanese authorities interviewed in the article, was also in a hurry to clear up relations with the senior government official.

Wu Zhaoxie Tuyuan: Lianhe Bao

In his article entitled Taiwan may become the fuse of the outbreak of war between China and the United States, Ji Sidao said Wu Zhaoxie said that the Taiwanese Army was developing a defense and offensive plan against the mainland of China; another senior government official threatened that retaliation against the mainland may include air strikes on Fujian Province.

The article goes on to say that if the dispute escalates, no one, including the United States, knows what action Washington will take, because the Taiwan Relations Act does not specify to what extent the United States will invest in Taiwans defense.

Taiwans Joint News reported that the Taiwan authoritiesMinistry of Foreign Affairs said on the morning of October 10 that Wu Zhaoxies acceptance of an interview with the New York Times aimed at explaining that the Taiwanese Army had offensive and defensive plans to safeguard security and regional peace in the Taiwan Strait. As for the unnamed senior government officials in the report, Wu Zhaoxies remarks were not the content of Wus talk, and the so-called senior government officials.u201c The content of military retaliation is not the scope of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Wu Zhaoxie himself also responded on the 10th, meaning that the Ministry of Defense of the Taiwan authorities would formulate offensive and defensive plans for different assumptions. As for the remarks of senior government officials, Wu Zhaoxie said that he could not explain them.

Taiwans Ministry of Foreign Affairs shake off the pot, and the Ministry of Defense also issued a press release on the 10th to refute the rumor that the relevant content of the New York Times was false and false.

Whether Wu Zhaoxies comments in the New York Times or the response of the Taiwan authoritiesMinistry of Defense, they are exaggerating their so-called threats and pressures from the mainland, and claim that the Taiwan authorities have measures to deal with them. At the beginning of the year, Cai Yingwen also frequently contacted the Taiwanese Army and advocated the Continental Threat Theory in an attempt to win independence and reject unification by force. In this regard, Taiwan Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang clearly pointed out on January 30 that resistance to unification by force is a dead end.

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