Shandong Province sentenced a total of 31 people to be convicted of hegemony over aquaculture in the sea area in the case of black-related crimes.

 Shandong Province sentenced a total of 31 people to be convicted of hegemony over aquaculture in the sea area in the case of black-related crimes.

The Peoples Court of Laizhou City, Shandong Province, recently issued a public verdict on 31 people involved in criminal activities, including Zhu Yongjun, according to the Legal Daily on September 11. Among them, the defendant Zhu Yongjun was sentenced to 25 years of fixed-term imprisonment for 10 counts of crimes such as organizing and leading underworld organizations. The remaining 30 defendants were sentenced to 11 months to 17 years of fixed-term imprisonment respectively.

It is understood that the defendant, Zhu Yongjun, was the former Secretary of the Party branch and the former director of the village committee of Xibozi Village, Jiejiazhuang Town, Laishan District, Yantai City. This case is the largest scale and the largest number of defendants in Shandong provincial grass-roots procuratorial system since the national special struggle to eradicate gangsters and evils. It has been listed as a listed supervisor by Shandong gangstersoffice and prosecuted by Laizhou Peoples Procuratorate.

After trial, the court found that the defendant Zhu Yongjun gathered all the defendants, including Hongfeng, Wang Pengfei, Chen Hao, Jingtao, Li Lin, Sun Chengzhu, Yu Fujia, Yanquan and Kong Zhihao, to seize huge economic interests by controlling the acquisition of seafood, engaging in marine aquaculture and operating earthwork projects; and by means of violence and threats, there were groups. Dozens of illegal and criminal activities have been organized and carried out to dominate one side for non-evil purposes; infiltration into grass-roots organizations has formed certain control and significant impact in Yantai High-tech Zone and Mouping District, seriously undermining the economic order and social life order, and attracting and corrupting the staff of state organs to seek protection.

After examination, it was found that this gangster involved in criminal activities intentionally injured 4 people, slightly injured 4 people, provoked 19 incidents, slightly injured 7 people, slightly injured 5 people and destroyed more than 1.61 million yuan of property, gathered and robbed 1 person, robbed more than 2.25 million yuan of property, bribed 1 case and committed more than 110,000 yuan of crime. In addition, there are five cases of forgery of seals of companies, enterprises and institutions, four cases of collusion in bidding, one case of forced transactions and one case of illegal mining.

The court held that the criminal organization headed by the defendant Zhu Yongjun had the organizational, economic, behavioral and harmful characteristics of the underworld-like organizations and should be recognized as the underworld-like organizations according to law. Among them, Zhu Yongjun is the organizer and leader, Duhongfeng, Wang Pengfei, Chen Hao are the backbone members, Li Lin, Sun Chengzhu, Yu Fujia are the active participants, Yan Quan, Kong Zhihao, Yang Xueyong and others are the other participants. The defendant, Zhu Yongjun, is the chief member of a mafia-like organization. He shall be responsible for all the crimes committed by the mafia-like organization he organizes and leads according to law. The members of other organizations shall bear corresponding responsibilities for the crimes committed by them.

Finally, the court makes the above judgment according to the facts, nature and circumstances of each defendants crime, as well as their status and role in the whole underworld organization.

Source: Liable Editor of Legal Daily: Wang Ning_NB12468