Male embezzlement company 500,000 reward female anchor marriage breakdown and sentenced

 Male embezzlement company 500,000 reward female anchor marriage breakdown and sentenced

The defendant, Ding Mou, took office in a company run by his relative Huang Mou and managed a hotel owned by the company. In November 2017, Ding Mou accidentally contacted the Tiger Teeth Live Broadcasting platform on the Internet. He had a wife and a daughter, and was fascinated by a female anchorwoman on the platform. In order to please him, Ding Mou rewarded him through the platform, from dozens of yuan at the beginning to tens of thousands and tens of thousands of yuan later. After spending all his personal savings, Ding Mou was still reluctant to accept it. Just when the hotel he managed needed to pay the rent, he faked the chat record of the Wechat and pretended to be the accountant of the lessor. He falsely claimed to the parent company that the public account of the lessor had problems and needed to transfer the money to the private account of the lessors accountant.

Subsequently, the parent company transferred the rent of 500,000 yuan to the bank card provided by Dingmou. Ding Mou did not pay the money to the lessor, but rewarded the anchorwoman one after another. To avoid suspicion, he converted the rent receipt of the previous year into the receipt of December 2017. In April 2018, Ding Mous embezzlement of company property was exposed. After the incident, his marriage with his wife came to an end.

After trial, the Weiyang District Court held that the defendant Ding Mou took advantage of his position to illegally occupy the companys property as his own, with a large amount, and his act constituted the crime of occupying his position. Ding Mou was sentenced to two yearsimprisonment and ordered to pay back 500,000 yuan of illegal income.

Source: Responsible Editor of China Business Daily: Chengyu_NBJ11143