Euro Premier League - Sancho Double Sterling shoots 3 passes to England 5-3 Kosovo

 Euro Premier League - Sancho Double Sterling shoots 3 passes to England 5-3 Kosovo

In the first minute, Michael Keanes backcourt cross was passed directly to V-Murich, V-Murichs pass, Berishas penalty area, England 0-1 Kosovo.

In the 8th minute, Barkley kicked out the right corner, Michael Keane headed the ferry at the back point, and the Pier Relay at the 6th Pier in Mid-Lustrin, Kosovo 1-1, England.

In the 18th minute, Kosovo goalkeeper A-Murich failed to stop the pass, the ball slowly rolled towards the gate, and A-Murich thrilled in front of the goal line.

In the 19th minute, England counterattacked, Sterling dribbled the ball through the pass. Kanes forbidden area shakes 8 yards out of the left rib to shoot low with his left foot. The ball rolls between the goalkeepers legs into the gate, England 2-1 Kosovo. In the 23rd minute, Sancho made a breakthrough pass on the right side and Buckley shot high with his right foot 16 yards away.

In the 37th minute, Vivoda missed his long-range shot. In the 38th minute, Sancho made a breakthrough pass on the right side. Goalkeeper A-Murich was able to save the ball at the front but let it go. Vivoda behind the goalkeeper rushed out and kicked the ball into his own goal in Kosovo, England, 3-1.

In the 44th minute, the England midfielder counterattacked by breaking the ball. Stirling broke through the ball on the left side. Undefended Sancho lowered his right foot 6 yards in the right rib and scored the goal in Kosovo 4-1. This was the first goal of Sanchos national team.

In the first minute of stoppage time, the England midfielder smashed the ball and hit 3 times. Sterling broke through the cross on the left side. Sancho in the middle scored the ball into the empty gate. England took the lead 5-1. England led 5-1 at the end of the first half.

From the second half, on the 48th minute, Henderson was straight, and Arnold put in 10 yards in his right rib and was saved by the goalkeeper. In the 49th minute, Rices backcourt cross was broken, V-Murich sent the top ball, Henderson headed, Berisha stopped the ball and scored with his right foot 10 yards from his left rib, 5-2 Kosovo, England.

In the 54th minute, the Maguire penalty area kicked V-Muric down, the referee penalty kick. V-Murich took a free-throw shot, Pickford saved the ball but it went into the net, 5-3 Kosovo, England.

In the 64th minute, Barkley broke through on the line of the big penalty area and Lamani fell in the penalty area. The referee gave a penalty. Harrim was dissatisfied with the referees yellow card. Pacanada also got a yellow card when he did not retreat enough distance from the penalty kick in England. Kanes penalty was caught by A-Murridge. In the 70th minute, Ariti kicked Sancho down and got the Yellow card. Arnold kicked a free kick 28 yards wide. In the 72nd minute, Serena shot high from a distance.

In the 73rd minute, Kane broke the ball in the front court and passed it. Sterling shot 6 yards from the left rib and the ball was blocked by the left pillar. In the 73rd minute, the shot was blocked from the bottom line 10 yards after shaking out of the space in the Stirling Forbidden Zone. In the 83rd minute, Berisha was dissatisfied with the referees yellow card. In the 86th minute, England struck back 3-3, Rushford left cut 14 yards in the left rib, A-Murich threw out, Sterling shot at close range, the linesman signaled Sterling offside. In the 87th minute, Serenas right foot shot missed 14 yards from the incised left rib on the left side. In the end, England won 5-3.

England (433): 1-Pickford/2-Arnold, 5-Michael Keane, 6-Maguire, 3-Chilville/8-Henderson, 10-Buckley (8418-Munter), 4-Les/11-Sancho (8521-Rushford), 9-Kane, 7-Stirling

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