The first game of Exxon made people forget Mr. Lin Guofas 100 matches or his absence from the national team.

 The first game of Exxon made people forget Mr. Lin Guofas 100 matches or his absence from the national team.

National Football Team: 1-Yan Junling; 4-Li Lei, 5-Zhang Linqian, 22-Zhu Chenjie, 17-Wang Gang; 8-Hao Junmin (C) (7816-Yao Junsheng), 14-Chi Zhongguo (8413-Li Ke), 15-Wuxi; 7-Wulei, 9-Yang Xu (6819-Wei Shihao), 11-Exxon

Substitutes not appearing: 12-Zhanglu, 23-Wang Dalei, 2-Hexi, 3-Shike, 6-Gaozhiyi, 21-Li Shuai, 10-Zheng Zhi, 18-Yang Liyu, 20-Zhang Shizhe

[Seeking breadth and height, thinking out of National Football 433 formation

Li Lei and Wang Gang, two full-backs from Guoan, made the 433 formation of the National Football Association form a radical 235 position at the offensive end. Two centre-backs and two of the three midfielders kept passing the edges over long distances at high positions, which made the football team open the pitch well.

Moreover, this long-distance transmission combined with the height advantage of the National Football Association can achieve better tactical effect. After all, high school forward Yang Xu has an advantage in height, and there are fulcrum abilities in the attributes of all-round forward of Exxon. The National Football Association can complete the effective transition to the weak side of defense (no ball area).


Figure 1: Exxon sidewalk ferry, Wu Xiqian before and after the ball, Wu Leide ball cut inside to create a free kick

As can be seen from the picture above, goalkeeper Yan Junling drives the ball to the front with his big feet in the back, Exxon completes the fulcrum ferry on the right, and Wu Xi, who is good at forward insertion, appears in the appropriate area to complete the scoring. Wu Lei, who has space after the ball, makes the opponents foul.


Figure 2: A panoramic view of the second goal scored by the National Football Association

This goal can better show the use of attacking width of the national football team in this match: Hao Junmins high position is directly transferred in a wide range, and Li Lei, who is a winger in the forbidden area, keeps passing the ball, while Yang Xu and Wu Lei finish the connecting score in front of the goal.

The effective use of this width and height makes it possible for FIFA to pose a threat to the Maldives bus defence in the first half, and in the case of height dominance, FIFA also uses the opportunity of set-pieces to make continuous killings.

[The first show scored twice, and Exxon could provide more than just goals

The Maldives arena is not ideal, which will affect the development of the national football to a large extent. The opponents more flexible physique and the adaptation of the competition venue will make the national football face certain problems at both ends of attack and defense.

Exxon scored twice in the game, but also failed to complete his own level of handling several times when holding the ball, largely due to the influence of the venue. Exxon, on both sides of the same sub-bureau as Wu Lei, not only plays a role in scoring goals, but also has the ability to outperform Wu Lei and Yang Xu, and can improve the local operation level of the national football team in withdrawal or side-pulling operations.


As can be seen from the above picture, Zhang Linqians high position is directly transferred to a large extent, which is a display of the width of the attack opened by the National Football Association. At this time, Exxons header pulled back to find the premise of Li Lei, and then they completed a partial two-to-two cooperation, by Li Lei completed the cross.

Exxons header was in place, and his creative heel delivery was just right, which directly gave Li Lei a chance to pass in the open space. Exxons ability to play is only possessed by Gao Lin (Mr. Baichang of the National Football Association) in the front line of the former National Football Association. Nowadays, Yalin has faded out of the team because of the increase of age and the decline of physical function. Ixons successful domestication not only keeps this creative point of the national football front, but also has the direct effect of promotion.

In the first half of the game, Exxon retreated more times, because he has a strong ball ability, even in the case of weak opponents to complete the midfield (series) responsibilities.


Figure 4: Exxon played the most important role in the first record goal of the National Football Team.

As can be seen from the picture above, Exxon retreated to the left high position to receive the ball and then sent out a wonderful straight plug. After Wu Lei got the ball, Li Lei looked for the premise directly. After the latter pass was rounded out, Exxon finished the edge division in the high position against the bag. Li Lei once again made a free pass, inserted into the forbidden area and had two strong points. Strength of Wu Xi header score.

[Rushing an opponent with speed shocks, Lippi may have been targeting his opponent for a long time.)

To a large extent, Maldives increased their offensive input in the second half, so that the national football team could effectively use space to attack. From the actual effect, first Wang Gang overtook in the 51st minute of the second half. Unfortunately, Yang Xu kicked the ball in the face of half of the empty goal, and then Wei Shihao made two shocks. Sexual forward interpolation, so that the National Football Association shows aggressive attack at the same time, but also seized the opportunity.

It can be said that Lippis substitution adjustment was in place in the second half.


[Exxon and the Football Association in another way, 433 is still the first choice in the future?

After Yang Xus exit, Exxon came to the center position. This 433 formation is likely to be the match of the National Football Team in the face of strong opponents. After all, Lippis previous drill was width and speed. This match targeted to take advantage of the shortcomings of the opponents height, so that high school forward Yang Xu started.

Wei Shihao took 20 minutes to make two goals, which will undoubtedly improve his position in Lippis heart. Combined with the requirement of attack width displayed by the National Football Association, we can imagine the tactics of the next National Football Association.


Figure 6: Exxons assists scored in the injury stop-and-make-up period after passing in the Weishihao penalty area

After Wu Xi cooperated with Wang Gang in the midfield, the former directly and extensively shifted to find Wei Shihao in the left winger position. Faced with the defensive players, Wei Shihao first overtook the ball, then directly accelerated in the face of the double-fold and then crossed in the inverted triangle. At this time, Wu Lei and Exxon formed the double-fold in the middle of the national football team. Although Wu Lei did not catch up with the pace, but Exxon appeared in the key position left foot shot empty goal score.


With a 5-0 victory over Maldives, the National Football Team produced a satisfactory result in the first battle of the Fortieth Championship. Because in the previous World Cup, Maldives never lost more than three goals at home.

From the actual content of the game, the opening of the National Football Team shows the effective use of the width and height of the court. The long-distance transfer of high position and the crazy forward insertion of two full-backs make it impossible for the opponent to complete the effective defensive organization. Most importantly, Ixons domestication has improved the ability of the national football forward to play ball. The first battle of Ixon, which threatened both side pulling and midway, proved the role of domestication.

Although the opponents strength is not strong, we can see from this match that the national football team has a clear tactical routine. Next, Lippi and his disciples await the test of a stronger opponent.

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