Seven years later, I finally became a Chinese: I remember waking up at 4 oclock that day.

 Seven years later, I finally became a Chinese: I remember waking up at 4 oclock that day.

When I first embarked on my journey to China seven years ago, my heart was filled with trepidation. Seven years later, I chose to fight for China, and I was determined. In the past seven years, I have always felt the kindness and love of Chinese fans. Chinese football and Chinese fans have given me almost everything. Now I just want to keep the dignity of Chinese football wholeheartedly and bring surprises and touches to the fans.

This is my lifes decision. Its a decision made by my family.

Young and famous reject Juventus

Like most people, when faced with major decisions, I always think of my family in the first place. Whenever and wherever they are, they are the source of my strength and courage. Without the care and support of my family, I am afraid I will never embrace football enthusiastically.

Exxon laments his childhood growth experience

When I was a child, in order to continue the football road, I often wandered around, but that kind face always surrounded me, that is my grandmother, I was brought up by my grandmother, I call hermother, like my mothers grandmother, she affects my life, she is a devout believer, so I was 19 years old tattoo is a cross. Rack, Grandmas head. Grandma always blesses me on the road to professional football.

Since I started toddling, Dad has opened the door for me to play football in the street. From the first day I decided to play professional football, I realized that professional football meant making the world my home, even though I was just a teenager.

My dream trip didnt break through until I was 14 years old: I went to the Victoria Youth Training Camp, where I went out of Hulk and David Louis.

It was where Hulk and David Louis fought that I spent the hardest and most memorable youth training time. During the day-to-day boring training, there was only one thing that kept me going - the coaches told me that I could see the stars shining on me. The 18-year-old came quickly to us and I moved closer and closer to the Victorian first team. Thats how dreams shine into reality.

Ive fantasized countless times about how I celebrate my first goal in Barcelona, how I face the camera and how I take the microphone to tell you about the great process of youth training. But when that day suddenly came, I was at a loss. When a newspaper threw a question at me, I was very nervous and stuttered, with no hindsight. This made me afraid to face it afterwards, but when the report came out, my mother cut out my photos and text reports for the first time.

Thats the feeling that dreams are within reach. It seems very close, but its afraid that when you wake up, there will be no trace. At the age of 20, I helped Victoria win the state championship; the next year, I scored six goals in Baja and gave eight assists, and the team wished to defend the state championship.

What can champions bring to professional players? My answer is calm. In the process of winning the championship in succession, I can talk and laugh in front of the media. But there has been more heartbreaking news: for example, my name appeared on the Brazilian national team list; for example, Juventus suddenly sent me an offer! I transferred to Botafogo in 2011. In the first year I scored 8 goals plus 10 assists in Baja, and in the second year I scored 11 goals and delivered 4 assists.

How many people have the chance to reject Juventus? After rejecting Juves offer, I always had the illusion that another better place for me was waiting for me.

Join Hengda to top the Asian Championship

Farewell is a solemn theme before boarding a flight to China. It never occurred to me that, in this case, some people suddenly and forever left. At the beginning of 2013, I trained with Hengda in Spain, and a bad news suddenly came: one of my children was working as a security guard in El Salvador, two robbers finished robbing and killed him by the way. [2

Football is like a dust in the face of parting. That night, I cried loudly and stayed awake all night.

Why did you choose to play in China? When I first came to China, almost every media reporter would ask this question. My answer is no exception: because Lippi, Lippis magical world, no one in football knows.

Lippi and his son took me to Guangzhou with great difficulty, but I gave them a most undesirable gift of meeting - complete disappointment. The chance to win the first championship for Evergrande fans is in front of us. Lippi did not hesitate to put me on the starting list. The difference between Chinese football and Brazilian football made me feel especially bad. I hardly touched the ball in the first 15 minutes of the match. Professional players are most afraid of the media to say that they are invisible, but invisible is really my best portrayal of that game.

Eventually, Guangzhou Hengda lost 1-2 to Shun Tian of Jiangsu (now Jiangsu Suning) and lost the Super Cup champion that year. There is no doubt that I should be responsible for that game when I first came here. I want to apologize to all the fans and friends on the scene. I was expecting a big win, but the result was not satisfactory. Lippi called his name directly at the press conference: Elkson is lost in the game.

At that time, fans and the media were not satisfied with me in every way, but now look back: it was that game that became the beginning of Hengdas era - the Super Cup final against Shuntian in Jiangsu Province, which was the first time that I and Konka and Murich jointly started.

In the first round of the 2013 Chinese Super League, I scored twice against Shanghai Shenxin with ease, and in the second round against Jiangsu Shuntian, I performed the first hat trick of the Chinese Super League. The voice of doubt was unbearable, and I quickly felt that everyones attitude toward me was overwhelming.

As we all know, in the 2013 season, I scored 23 goals in the Chinese Super League and was elected the best player in the Chinese Super League. In the 2014 season, I scored 28 goals, which directly set a single season scoring record in the Chinese Super League.

To be honest, that was the happiest time of my career: before a game started, everyone was ready to win; after a season without playing, the champion was already in our pocket. We dont need to worry about the result, we need to work hard for it: just enjoy the game, enjoy the process.

The most talked about Evergrande, of course, is Cheetah Mullich, King of Heaven Konka and God of Ai Elkson. During an interview, a reporter explained to me what God of Ai means in Chinese context, and taught me how to meditate on gods. After a home break, I really did a meditation celebration on the pitch.

Of course, for me in 2014, there is one thing more important than goals and victories. On June 4, 2014, during the off-season of China Super League, my girlfriend Lusa and I went to Maldives to take wedding photos and held a romantic wedding. This is a very special moment in my life. Its hard to explain this happiness in words. Im immersed in the ceremonies held by the women I spend the rest of my life with. Lusa is the angel God brought to me. Recently we had our first child. With so many good things happening, we must choose a magical place to celebrate our union. [3

In Guangzhou Hengda I scored too many goals and won too many games. If you have to choose the most memorable victory and the most beautiful goal, there is no doubt that the goals in the Asian Championship final in 2013 and 2015. Three goals brought two Asian Championships to Guangzhou Hengda. Those two nights are undoubtedly the most fantastic moments of my career and the historic moment of Chinese football.

One night after another, Konka passes and Murich breaks through the sideways. Im only responsible for the last shot in front of the door. I even get the illusion in the cheers of the fans that such a night will be eternal and we will play together until we retire. But time flies like an arrow, time ruthlessly, Murich left, Konka left, I have been unable to face a problem: I left Hengda time has arrived.

On that day, there was always sweaty snow in Guangzhou. My blood and sweat was red. On that snowy day, the airport was full of tears. The fans of men and women, old and young, were crying like rain. I always tried to control myself. In the warm arms of fans, I had already been crying like rain.

Goodbye Guangzhou.

Chinese Football Dream My Dream

Its also an international metropolis, with the same city derby and the same struggle for championship. From Guangzhou to Shanghai, I almost achieved seamless connection. Konkas vision and skills are a gift to any forward; in the 2016 season I exceeded 26 games in the middle, scoring 11 goals and delivering 12 assists. The only thing that I cant adapt to for a long time is that Guangzhou Evergreen University is regarded as the biggest rival in every front.

When you are unreserved and worthless in other peoples eyes, sometimes you inevitably think about turning around and leaving, more lonely and helpless nights, I can only vent self-comfort.

2017 September was especially hard for me. Before September 16th Shanghai Derby, I sent this micro-blog: tonight is Shanghais upper port to Shanghai Shenhua classic Derby war, but I play in Yu Garden! Its matched by a crying expression. On September 19, I updated my microblog again: Dont be discouraged, dont look back, and dont want to give up. Look up, because as long as you believe in it, some good things are waiting for you.

On the evening of September 22, the 26th round of China Super League, Shanghai went to Hong Kong to challenge Beijing Guoan, but I could only visit the Great Wall by myself. After that, I also sent a micro-blog: Hello, my friends. Unfortunately, I missed another important match. I wish my teammates good luck. I also visited the magnificent Great Wall of China once again.

Before Boas came to Hong Kong, the media generally called him Little Mourinho. It has to be said that Boas did have some similarities with Mourinho in the way he fired at the press conference. Boas was suspended for inappropriate speeches in the 2017 season and Perera took over from Boas in the 2018 season. Compared with Boas, Pereira is a little more calm in both the training ground and the press conference.

Pereira emphasizes team discipline in particular and has lost a lot of non-combat attrition throughout the 2018 season in Hong Kong. After several seasons of adjustment, lessons learned and confidence accumulated, Hengdu gained the upper hand in every battle line of the season when it came to Hong Kong. In the final battle with Hengda Championship, we laughed until the end of the league.

Following the process of Shanghais first winning the Chinese Super League Championship Cup in Hong Kong, the public opinion and atmosphere of Chinese football are undergoing drastic changes. After the failure of the World Cup against Russia and the widespread presence of naturalized players in Asian countries, the Chinese Football Association finally relieved the naturalized players. As we all know, apart from being related by blood, naturalized players have another possibility: to live and work in the naturalized country for more than five years.

Of course, clubs have different attitudes towards naturalized players. As we all know, Evergrande plays the role of co-ordinator in the option of naturalized unrelated players. So the option of returning to Hengda is in front of me.u2014u2014

On behalf of the Hengda Stadium, I immediately came to my mind. At that time, under Boas, I was very difficult. After the game, I went to Hengda Fans Stadium alone. ComeBack! ComeBack! The heart of Hengda fans opened my heart in an instant. When I bent down to pick up the scarf thrown to me by Hengda fans, tears fell on the Hengda team badge like raindrops...

Where the dream began, I really came back! From the moment I joined the Chinese nationality with my family, I returned to Evergrande for the sake of every Chinese fans dream of the World Cup, not for Evergrande fans. Before naturalization, I talked a lot with my parents and family, and we were very satisfied with this decision. Over the past six years, almost seven years, in China, I have been helping Chinese football, and I am glad to have the opportunity to participate in the World Preliminary Championships. [4

On September 2, 2019, I officially reported to the Chinese National Team. Its a noble thing. I wake up at about four in the morning. As a member of the Chinese team, I always want to show the best spirit.

September 10th was a very special day for me. With the witness of my parents and more than 1000 Chinese fans, I made the first appearance of the national team and scored two goals. But I always knew that this was the first step of the long march. The next thing I had to do was to work hard every day, concentrate on training and play like today.

Because, when the plane from Guangzhou to Maldives took off, I thought in my heart: From this moment on, the dream of the World Cup of Chinese football will always be my dream.

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Exxon MV: Over the years in China (Source: Northwest Terrace)

(In this paper, the first person narrative, non-Exxon self-narrative or written, the relevant information has its source)


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