Half of the students in the class got 100 marks in the sons exam and 98 elementary school teachers suffered from depression.

 Half of the students in the class got 100 marks in the sons exam and 98 elementary school teachers suffered from depression.

Data show that about 70% of teachers are in sub-health status. The proportion of different health status among teachers is: health accounted for 10.4%, sub-health accounted for 45.55%, pre-clinical status accounted for 23.63%, disease status accounted for 20.42%. This shows that 69.18% of teachers are in sub-health. The incidence of severe sub-health is much higher than that of 10% of the general population. High-intensity work has caused considerable pressure on teachersphysiology, especially their psychology.

The standard for a son is always 100 points.

Key primary school teachers suffer from depression

September 10, in addition to TeachersDay, is also World Suicide Prevention Day. In this wonderful world, about every 40 seconds, one person chooses an extreme way of liberation: to let his life leave the world. Seventy percent of those who commit suicide are depressed, while 70 percent of those who commit suicide have ever thought of suicide. This makes us pay more attention to the mental health of teachers.

Hard work and tremendous pressure are the true portrayal of many teachers. Because of the particularity of teachersprofession, we are doomed to endure a variety of pressures. There are pressure from work itself, pressure from life, pressure from teachersprofessional development... Occupational burnout, physical and mental overdraft and other phenomena invade the physical and mental health and occupational well-being of teachers. Some teachers said, I dare not think, confusion is the status quo.

Ms. Qin, a 39-year-old Chinese teacher in a key primary school, has been busy working until the age of 32. When her son was five years old, she let him go to elementary school. The standard for her son was always 100 points. Sometimes the children scored 98 points, Ms. Qin would scold: Half of the children in my class scored 100 points, why cant you take the exam...

Over time, Ms. Qin felt that she had failed very much. She had taught other peoples children, but her children were very dull. In April this year, her son only got 72 points in an examination. Ms. Qin left a suicide note and took most of the bottles of sleeping pills. Fortunately, she found out in time and saved her life. However, she was diagnosed with severe depression. She was later treated by Wu Wanzhen, deputy director of the Department of Mental Health of Zhejiang Hospital. Turn.

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Work 12 hours a day

Dreaming is preparing lessons.

At the beginning of September, Xiao Xiao (alias), a young teacher in Hangzhou, faced with parentscriticism and Leaders expectations, appeared many psychological pressures, and often suffered from insomnia and anxiety. When he came to the hospital, he was diagnosed by Wu Wanzhens deputy chief physician. Xiao Xiao suffered from anxiety disorder.

Xiao Xiao said that half a year ago she was employed as a Chinese teacher in a primary school. Some parents think that she lacks work experience, and that naughty students cant live in town. Sometimes they go to the headmaster to ask her about her. Once, she was lecturing in class, and in the corner of her eye, she found two people outside the door probing their brains. At first, she didnt care. After class, she knew that the two were parents of students who came to check their guards. School leaders have also talked to her on the theme of improving the rate of entrance to school and paying close attention to the quality of teaching.

Xiao Xiao said that in fact, she worked hard to prepare for each class, consulted the old teachers actively, working more than 12 hours a day, and even in her dream, she was preparing for the next days course, for which she suffered from severe neurosis and often insomnia. Her insomnia became more serious just after the summer vacation.

Wu Wanzhen introduced that she had received some patients like Xiao Xiao, and the pressure from parents and leaders made some young teachers anxious. Many parents hope that teachers can care and educate their children as their parents do, but some behaviors of parents will bring invisible pressure to teachers. New teachers with weak self-regulation ability will produce anxiety and other maladaptive symptoms, which seriously affect teaching and childrens mental health.

Wu Wanzhen suggested that new teachers should face up to the pressure from all sides, learn to self-regulate and release, consult with old teachers more, communicate with studentsparents more, enhance their professional level, and establish a virtuous circle between teachers and students.

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TeachersMental Health is Especially Important

Teachers should learn to self-regulate

Doctor Wang Zhixuan, Department of Mental Health, Zhejiang Hospital, said that teachersmental health standards are dedication, love of education and like their work; sound personality, with a correct outlook on life and values; good interpersonal relationships; ability to control their emotions and to guide them to maintain their psychology in the face of students. Healthy.

But its very simple to say. In fact, teachers often feel uncomfortable and want to cry. Most teachers feel more troubled than happy in their work. Seventy percent of teachers sometimes cant help being angry and angry. Depression, irritability and other negative emotions are common, which will affect studentsmood in the long run.

Therefore, teachersmental health is particularly important. Schools should provide psychological counseling to teachers in time to relieve their psychological pressure and improve their psychological quality. Regular lectures on mental health education should be conducted to guide teachers to master psychological knowledge and to guide teachers to learn self-adjustment. Whether a teachers psychology can recover as soon as possible depends on his ability of self-adjustment and recovery. The fundamental way of psychological rehabilitation is to adopt effective ways of self-adjustment.

Faced with pressure, how to adjust it?

1. Expressing Emotions: It is necessary to learn to express your emotions. By giving emotions an outlet through such ways as crying and talking, we can reduce the intensity of emotions and ease them. We can see things more rationally.

2. Learn to accept yourself: Everyone is imperfect, adjust their goals appropriately, dont over-criticize themselves, accept their imperfections, and positively evaluate themselves.

3. Exercise: Research shows that exercise promotes brain secretion of dopamine, endorphin and other neurotransmitters beneficial to emotional stability. Choose suitable exercises, such as running, swimming, yoga, and so on, through exercise to reduce stress and regulate mood.

4. Relaxation training: through abdominal breathing, meditation and other ways to relax the mind and body, learning to consciously control the muscle relaxation, while indirectly relaxing the tension, so as to achieve a state of mental relaxation, which is conducive to physical and mental health.

5. Learn to turn to professionals: When you still cant improve your emotional and physical problems through the above-mentioned methods, you must seek the help of professionals such as psychotherapists, psychotherapists or psychiatrists, and get professional drug treatment and psychotherapy as soon as possible.

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