Start with the iPhone 11 Pro: matte glass feels good and takes pictures really fast

 Start with the iPhone 11 Pro: matte glass feels good and takes pictures really fast

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Netease Technologies News Sept. 11, according to foreign media reports, Apple has just released the latest flagship smartphones, the iPhone 11Pro and the iPhone 11ProMax, which were upgraded versions of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XSMax last year, respectively. But they are equipped with a new camera system, which upgrades the old sensor and adds a third camera, that is, with Ultra-wide camera with a depth of 120 degrees.

Outside, the two phones have a slightly better look than the iPhone XS. Most of their backs are matte, which is my favorite (Chaim Gartenberg), and sometimes matte glass may be smoother than ordinary glass. Apple says the glass is more durable. Its cut from a whole piece of glass, and theres no seam on the bump of the camera.

Next, lets take a look at the camera bumps. The first impression is that they are very big. But when Apple carefully designed its lenses, it did not intentionally try to hide the huge square on the back. I dont like this design, but almost everyone is using it now, so it certainly has a purpose.

Apparently, Apple is very good at highlighting its operational advantages. Although I havent had a chance to actually test these cameras yet, I did fiddle with the camera interface for a while. Its really great. When you turn on the standard wide zoom, the viewfinder fills the entire screen, so you can see your mode more easily. If you slide over a wide lens and a telephoto lens, it will display a dial with multiple and millimeter zoom capabilities.

Unfortunately, I couldnt test the night mode, but the camera turned on very quickly and took pictures faster. Pixel4 may rival or even beat Apple in photo quality, but it may not rival Apple in speed.

Apple talked about its A13 bionic processor and called it the fastest CPU and GPU in mobile phones. But for me, the iPhone 11Pro and the iPhone 11ProMax feel as fast as the iPhone XS. Apple is so far ahead that it can stop focusing on speed. Specifically, it should also focus on machine learning and battery life, and I hope that the promise of an extension of 4 hours for the iPhone 11Pro over the iPhone XS will be confirmed.

For me, the screens of the iPhone 11Pro and the iPhone 11ProMax are basically the same as the iPhone XS. Even though they feel fast, thats true for every modern iPhone. They should be able to get brighter in the sun and help extend battery life. Like the camera bumps, Im more excited about the potential for better battery life than the brightness. No 3D touch, but Im not sorry.

All in all, the feeling that the iPhone 11Pro gives me is that its another excellent, well-made and impressive iPhone. However, Im not 100% sure about the pros and cons of Pro compared with the normal iPhone 11, but Ill continue to validate them in future evaluations. (small)