Li Qin, Road Performance of the Film Qixian I: Valuing the Challenge of Characters

 Li Qin, Road Performance of the Film Qixian I: Valuing the Challenge of Characters

Li Qin: Id like to get out of the comfort zone.

Yesterday, Li Qin, who plays Lu Xueqi in the film, appeared in Changsha to share the behind-the-scenes story of filming the film Qixian I. Li Qin admits that this film is also the most dramatic work she has ever done in her career: The first time I tried to play, I met Lu Xueqi, a scholar bully. In order to be faithful to the original characters, we started motion training one month before filming. As a fan of fiction, I know that Lu Xueqis role is liked by many fans, so I turned over the original works many times in the process of shaping the role, hoping to present Lu Xueqi in the hearts of fans. In Lu Xueqis special edition, Li Qin repeatedly hung Weiya upside down, dived from a height of 10 meters, refused to use his stand-in personally, and was praised by director Cheng Xiaodong as too dedicated. In the eyes of the outside world, Li Qin, who is a Buddhist, has his own understanding of screenplay selection: I will play different types of roles and try different roles, because actors must step out of their comfort zone. I hope I can enrich my performance and bring different roles to the audience.

All-round professional attitude to escort

Qixian I is produced by Xinli Media Group Co., Ltd. and Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. and jointly produced by Shanghai Taotiao Ticket Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. and Aiqiyi Film Industry Co., Ltd. will be released nationwide on September 13. Pre-sale is in full swing on major platforms.

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