Here comes the full text of the speech! Ma Yuns tearful resignation scene: I am reluctant to leave

 Here comes the full text of the speech! Ma Yuns tearful resignation scene: I am reluctant to leave

When the staff performed, the camera swept through Ma Yun, who was already in tears, and sang Pursuing a Dream, Pure Childs Heart.

So he stressed that improper chairman of Alibaba does not mean that I retire, I will not stop.

Subsequently, 60,000 Alibaba employees in the Olympic Games held up their lanterns under the call of the host, forming the four characters of Happy Birthday.

Tonight, eighteen Arhats who had fought together also came to the scene. Guan Mingsheng smiled and said, Thank you Ma Yun for letting me participate. This is fate, but also luck. Xie Shihuang sobbed, Ma Yun, you will always be my life mentor and spiritual leader.

Earlier, Alibaba announced a comprehensive upgrade of mission, vision and values, and issued the new six-pulse sword values.

We can see the importance Ma Yun and Ali attach to the announcement of the new six-vein sword. Ma Yun said, Today is not Ma Yuns retirement, but the inheritance of a system. Today is not a persons choice, it is a success of the system. He also revealed that for this day, he had prepared carefully for ten years.

At the same time, Alibaba has also issued a new vision: live 102 years: we do not pursue big, do not pursue strong, we pursue to become a good company Living 102 years; by 2036, serve 2 billion consumers, create 100 million jobs, help 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises to make profits.

Ma Yun said at the scene: Over the past 20 years, the society has given us the best talents and opportunities to develop technology. This is not an asset to show off, but a great trust in us. The best way to be grateful is to surprise society with action. In the next 20 years, it is our responsibility to make good use of these resources, talents and technologies to make the world greener, more inclusive and sustainable, and at the same time to make the world softer and warmer.

Ma Yun put forward this expectation when looking forward to the future. He said that in the next 30 years, the world will undergo many earth-shaking changes, because the impact of the technological revolution will be far beyond everyones imagination. All technologies hope to solve three human problems: sustainable development, inclusive and altruistic. If technology cant solve these problems, technology is meaningless.

Ma Yun told all Alibaba: Today, Alibaba has become a technology company. The strength of technology lies in the value it brings to society, the warmth it brings to mankind and the opportunities it brings to the world. Only by taking on these real and important issues can Alibaba go 102 years.

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Ma Yun and 60,000 people singing Life in Blossom (Source: 21st Century Economic Report)

As a much-watched part of the performance tonight, Ma Yun, who loves singing, appeared in a punk style. He first sang a solo song of Wang Fengs Life in Full Blossom. Then the music of Youraisemeup sounded at the scene. Ma Yun sang the first part and the second part was accompanied by his successor Xiaoyao.

In addition, Zhang Yong and Alis partners also sang a song Friends.

Ma Yun also used songs to hint at their inheritance.

The following is the full text of Ma Yuns speech:

I didnt expect this time to come so fast. Thank you all for this great city. Work well, play well. I hope that in 30 years, I hope we can bring more excitement to the world.

Fifteen years ago, we thought about the system. At that time, we visited a lot of companies, and many of them handed over the company to the next generation, or professional managers.

In Alibaba, we use culture and system to ensure the companys inheritance. This is not a whim. In the past 20 years, Ali people have never been afraid. We are never afraid of the future.

We hope to export more than 10 years of Ali people to Ali every year. If a company wants to learn from a partnership inheritance system like ours, it will take at least ten years to prepare. Today is not Ma Yuns retirement, but the beginning of system inheritance. Thank you to all the friends of Chinese entrepreneurs, and thank Ali for his efforts to make us today. Thank you.

Todays world is developing rapidly and changing in complexity. Whether you like it or not, these changes are affecting each of us. Anxiety and environmental deterioration caused by new technologies are sending a signal that a new era is coming soon.

This wave of technological revolution will bring the most profound changes to mankind. Whether its 5G, IoT or big data, technology will be meaningless if you cant make others better. The world will become better and better. If the past 20 years are the 20 years of Internet companies, the next 30 years will be the 30 years of good use of Internet technology.

All pain can only be accomplished by changing oneself. Everyone needs to get out of yesterdays self.

You should think not only of yourself, but also of others. For 20 years, we believed in that, and we insisted on doing it. You believe, we believe more.

Our generation is the luckiest one. Our generation has undergone tremendous reforms. Our generation is about to embrace challenges and technologies.

All of us are people who span two technological eras. The standard of the industrial age is to be bigger and stronger. In the 21st century, no matter what kind of organization or individual you are, you should not be big and strong, you should do well. Kindness is the most powerful force. This change is a challenge for human beings.

In the past 20 years, some people have said that Ma Yun is lucky. Alibaba is great. Actually, Alibaba has made no fewer mistakes than any other company. But at the critical moment we made the right choice. From 20 years ago to now, all our major decisions have nothing to do with money. Were all wondering if the money we put in can solve the real problem.

Business decisions are not easy, but the choice of values is more painful. Over the past 20 years, we have often been questioned and challenged. Some even say that we do not repent. We clearly have a good way to go, but we chose a road that no one has ever traveled.

In the future, we dont want to be a profitable, mediocre company. Our goal is not to defeat our opponents, but to hope that we are a good company in society, in the world, in front of ordinary users. Its not easy to be a strong company, but its harder to be a good one. Strong companies are determined by their business capabilities, but good companies are responsible, responsible and kind.

Over the past 20 years, Alibaba has the most powerful technology, assets and talent. This is the trust that society gives us. I hope that the best way for Ali people to be grateful for society and trust is to bring more surprises to society through their actions.

In the next 20 years, it is our responsibility to use these responsibilities and technologies to make the world softer and warmer. Chinas opportunities are extremely strong. Few countries have such a large population in one province than in another in Europe.

Domestic demand will be an important factor in solving future economic problems. Domestic demand depends on market economy, not government regulation. Ali is responsible for Chinas poor domestic demand, which has nothing to do with Ali.

Another opportunity is new globalization. The world is afraid of China and technology. We want technology to be good-intentioned. We want technology to bring hope, not despair. We hope that Alibaba will participate in a new round of globalization in the future and bring opportunities to the world. Help people around the world get financial support. Let the worlds goods be able to pass through the world.

Powerful technology, Aliyun, Damo Academy, all Ali technicians are using their imagination to bring opportunities to the world. Technology must be good. Developing modern service industry vigorously is the resource of Ali people. Only by taking on these really important things can we go for 102 years.

Only with 102 years of responsibility can we make 102 money. As for myself, I think myself very clearly. I have been to Greenwich Observatory. In the Galactic universe, I have not found the sun or the earth. In this world, wearenobody. Life is not what you have achieved, but what you have experienced.

In the world, there are still so many things that are not good or good and unsatisfactory. I feel that I have to toss and turn.

In the past six years, I have been busier than before. Alibaba is just one of my many dreams. I think Im still very young, I want to toss about a lot of things, education environmental protection public welfare, I have been doing.

After tonight, I will start a new life. If I were not the chairman, I was even busier. The world is so good, I love so much, so many opportunities, where willing to retire so young. I hope to change rivers and lakes, green mountains remain unchanged and green waters flow forever. See you around.

Thank you.