The Longest Gun Australian Synchronized Hot Film Fans Call it Enjoyable

 The Longest Gun Australian Synchronized Hot Film Fans Call it Enjoyable

Australian simultaneous hot film fans call it enjoyable

As the largest Sino-Australian co-production in recent years, The Longest Gun is currently being screened on the national courtyard line in Australia at the same time. On the evening of September 9, director Xu Shun and leading actor Wang Zhiwen crossed the hemisphere and returned to Melbourne to take part in a special film-watching activity to have a sincere exchange with the audiences. Among these audiences, many loyal fans and fans of Wang Zhiwen came to call warmly, while the hard-core acting skills and legendary intentions in The Longest Shot Things and unique style also make the audience say that they have spent a very enjoyable film process.

On the evening of the event, Tim Phillips, Director of the Australian Film Bureau, Kirsten Badcock, Director of the Victorian Film Bureau, and Paul Crurrie, the Australian producer of The Longest Gun, attended the event in full costume and said that the cooperation between China and Australia was very pleasant, and they were very glad to see Melbourne successfully integrated into the film The Longest Gun. Shanghai in the 1930s and looking forward to the next cooperation between the two sides. In particular, the Australian side has given the Chinese a well-prepared gift, Melbourne Film Collection and local red wine, while the Chinese side has presented a set of exquisite chess to the Australian side from the wonderful stories of films such as chess game, in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.

The shooting and production of The Longest Gun took three years. After its release, its painstaking efforts in details did not escape the fanseyes. That nights red meat taste good, flashing camphor wooden box, authentic - its needless to say that the quality of craftsmanship is extremely frightening. In fact, just like the authentic red-roasted meat of Ben Bang in the film, the quality and reputation are also slightly boiled out. After the release of the Longest Gun, the 9.0 high score ranked first among the 12 domestic movies opened on the same day. At present, the monthly word-of-mouth list on the ticketing platform is second only to the animated movies The Black War of Luo Xiao and Oscar. The best documentary of the Ka Jin Award, unarmed rock climbing, was recommended by famous film critics in CCTV-6 China Film Reporting: The script of the film is quite solid and thick, the image is very textural, the rhythm is smooth and steady, while there is no lack of stylistic pursuit, the old opera is full of strength, and young children are not short-boarded.

But what is striking is that although The Longest Gun won the top box office of the domestic film on the first day of its release, due to its own box office ceiling effect, as well as Luo Xiaos Black War, Nazhas Devil Child Comes into the World, Speed and Passion: Special Action accounted for more than 75% of the row, divided by In the last three films, the daily box office of all the films in theatre was less than 10 million. By the time of release, the total box office of The Longest Gun was less than 7 million, and the proportion of film arrangement was only 1.6%. The cold market was evident. Nowadays, there are many voices on the Internet to increase the number of filmmaking. This elaborate work of many opera bones should be seen by more people.

The Longest Gun is starred by Wang Zhiwen, Yu Man and Li Liqun, starring Xu Yajun, Shackley, Gaojie, Yu Yueling, Zhao Mingyue and Bai Shuo. Wang Guanjie, Fabian Lucharini and Constantine Kojinhov are playing in particular. The national courtyard line is showing well.

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