New Land Rover Guard Car Show will be launched next year

 New Land Rover Guard Car Show will be launched next year

Unlike the previous DC100 concept car, the Land Rover design team drew more feedback from consumers in the later stage, and the new guard became extremely stylish. In the front and rear parts of the new guardscar, a lot of vertical lines are adopted, which makes the engine cover look more rigid. In addition, the engine cover does not use mussel structure, but is embedded. The intake is designed on the left side and the grid on the right side is virtual for symmetry. The wading depth of the new car reaches 900mm. With the wading mode, the road condition in front of the new car can be judged by computer, and the driver can assist in passing through the deep water area.

90 version of the wheelbase is 2.59 meters, 110 version of the wheelbase is 3.02 meters, the car in the design as far as possible to achieve the golden section ratio, thus bringing a more perfect visual experience.

In terms of passability, the new vehicle provides 38 proximity angle and 40 departure angle, and the minimum ground clearance is 291 mm. The front suspension length is 845 mm and the rear suspension length is 891 mm. These two parameters ensure that the guard has a large approaching angle and departure angle. The minimum passing angle is 31 degrees for 90 models, 28 degrees for 110 models and 195 mm for the suspension system equipped with air suspension. Wheel rings are available in 18 inches, 19 inches, 20 inches and 22 inches, which correspond to the field and the city respectively.

The car body offers four different styles, namely, adventure suit, expedition suit, jungle suit and urban suit. Each package provides a unique style, while the new guard provides 170 accessories for the owners. For the official accessories, this number is very rich, and six other styles of painting are also provided. Dress to meet individual needs. In terms of car paint, the Guardian also offers seven color options, including three new metal colors for Land Rover Defender: Australian New Zealand Blue, Old Land Brown and Pangu Green and other conventional colors: Fuji White, Egg Peak Grey, Santorini Black and Indian Silver. The exclusive color can choose matte protective film, which can better protect the car paint and reduce the damage caused by rubbing. In addition, there will be five kinds of color in the future. For the guards, personality is a very important part.

Land Rover uses a large number of renewable materials for interior decoration to enhance environmental protection. In terms of seat material, the standard model is Resolve fabric, while the S and S E versions use granular leather and high-density woven fabrics with microfibers in the most vulnerable positions. They also pay tribute to the canvas roof used in the early series I of Land Rover. HSE version uses high-grade Windsor leather, while X version uses Windsor leather and Stilcut high-end fabrics from the Nordic high-end fabric brand Kvadrat, which contains 30% wool, with Miko suede leather tactile design, the feel is on the real leather effect.

Configuration, the new car uses 12.3-inch LCD dashboard + 10-inch touch screen, catering to the trend of the times and emitting a full sense of technology. The new car entertainment system is the latest PIV IPro, which supports freely customized display interface and real-time upgrade. For mobile systems, Baidu CarLife, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can be implemented.

In terms of power, the new car will provide four power options: 400 Ps 6-cylinder gasoline supercharged engine with MHEV, 11 kW BSG motor, and a 300 Ps 4-cylinder gasoline supercharged engine, as well as two 4-cylinder diesel engines with 240 Ps and 200 Ps respectively, and transmission with 8 automatic transmission. The four-drive system of the second generation intelligent all-terrain feedback adaptive system provides nine modes for new vehicles (8 terrain and driving mode + 1 wading mode), including automatic mode, ordinary driving mode, grassland/gravel/snow mode, mud/rutting mode, sandy land mode, large rock/boulder slow-moving mode, dynamic mode and energy-saving mode. Model, and wading model. In addition, the air suspension also provides a variety of height options for the new car, greatly meeting the users cross-country needs in different scenarios.