Grasp the Opportunities for Development and Drive the Private Economy of Hubei to the Fast Track

 Grasp the Opportunities for Development and Drive the Private Economy of Hubei to the Fast Track

On September 7, the journalist came to Wuhan, Hubei Province, to explore the way to develop private economy in Jingchu with the visiting research group of New Age Private Economy and High Quality Development.

Constructing Pro and Qing Government-Business Relations and Building Hubei Sample of Private Economy

On March 4, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the members of the Civil Construction and Industry Federation who attended the Fourth Session of the Twelfth CPPCC National Committee and participated in joint group discussions. He made an important exposition on the construction of a new type of political-business relationship, pointing out that the new type of political-business relationship, in a word, is close and clear.

Deep water is pleasant, strong city is Jiaxing. A good business environment is an important basis for economic development and an important factor determining the competitiveness of cities, regions and even the national competitiveness. The pro and Qing type of government-business relationship is an important symbol of the local business environment.

In the development of enterprises and project construction, the Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have given strong support to good shops. Ke Bingrong, executive vice president of Hubei Liangpinshouzi Food Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters, Wuhan organizes the citys bureau-level cadres toone-to-onecontact service enterprises, and relevant leaders take the initiative to come to the door to understand the problems and difficulties of the shops, so as to help us solve our problems and overcome difficulties.


In the North Yiwu Commodity City of Hankou, there are many kinds of commodities. Zhang Xinrui photo

The high-quality economic development brought about by the benign political and commercial relations gives confidence and warmth to the private economic market in Hubei Province, and also gives the people a sense of satisfaction.

It is understood that the provincial government of Hubei Provincial Party Committee has continuously optimized the business environment, successively promulgated policies and measures to support the sustained and healthy development of the private economy, such as 27 articles, 25 articles to optimize the business environment, and 31 articles to reduce costs and enhance the new momentum of economic development. Enterprises reflect the demands of development, so that documents can be implemented and problems can be solved. They standardize and institutionalize the word pro and Qing. They have successfully created a Hubei sample of pro and Qing political and commercial relations in the new era.

To regard private enterprises and entrepreneurs as their own people and their affairs as their own affairs is the proper meaning of building a pro-Qing political-business relationship. Liu Weijun, Director of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Development Department of Hubei Economic and Credit Office, said, We will further intensify policy implementation, carry out more accurate and efficient policy guidance, so that the majority of private enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, can fully enjoy the policy dividend; further promote institutional and institutional reform, and abolish the decentralization of a number of government affairs. Service matters should be gradually implemented as zero examination and approval of administrative licensing matters set by provinces.

Turning the Nose of Independent Innovation to the Fast Lane of Hubei Private Economy

Strengthening innovation system and capacity building is the basic work of innovation-driven development. During his visit to Hubei, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that we should focus on innovation-driven development and create more innovative-driven and first-mover-oriented development.

In addition to policy support, private enterprises need to play their own subjective initiative. Without innovation, private enterprises will have no future. Persistently insisting on independent innovation, practicing internal skills well, focusing on industry and doing the main business without distraction are the only way to achieve high-quality development of private economy.

As the leader of private enterprises in Hubei Province, Zhuoer Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as Zhuoer Holdings) adheres to the main business of logistics and modern supply chain, accelerates the application of new technologies such as block chain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence in Zhuoer Intelligent Trading Platform, builds modern supply chain with new service mode, and leads industry. Internet development. The company independently develops and produces culvert fan industrial UAV, which has advanced innovation ability and technology content close to the national navigation competition finals. Fan Xiaolan, Vice President of Zhuoer Holdings, is full of pride and pride.


Gaode infrared independent research and development product mobile phone thermal imager. Gaud Infrared Mapping

In the field of basic infrared research, we have to rely on ourselves to break the Western blockade and develop our own domestic infrared chips. In 2017, we independently developed three 8-inch infrared detector R&D production lines, which are the most advanced in China, the largest in mass production and have completely independent intellectual property rights, and filled the gaps in this field in China. Yu Xiaoxiao, deputy director of the Party Office of Wuhan Golden Infrared Co., Ltd., said, Since the founding of Golden Infrared for 20 years, we can be proud to say that in the infrared chip industry, we have been in the forefront of the world.

In recent years, Chinas economic operation has changed steadily, and the external environment is still complex and severe. The key to breaking the dilemma of private economy development under the current environment is to continue to deepen the structural reform of supply side, to ensure that private economy is on the road of innovation-driven development with intellectual property rights, and to promote the transformation and upgrading of private economy.

At the Symposium on promoting the rise of the central region, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that we should improve the ability of independent innovation in key areas, innovate supporting policies, promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the development of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, encourage more original technological innovation and strengthen intellectual property protection.

Nowadays, the private economy in Hubei is heading for the fast lane, and innovative enterprises are constantly emerging. Private high-tech enterprises increased to 5000, ranking first in the central region. Five enterprises, such as live-broadcasting of fighting fish, small medicine and roll-up nets, won the China Unicorn Enterprise List 2018.

Its time to take advantage of the situation and compete in thousands of sails. Hubei Province is carrying out the decision-making plan of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China with the practical action of real hard work and hard work, and elaborately depicting a picture of Jingchu with high quality development! _________