The celebration route of more than 100 meters! A touching scene after Wulei Yan Junling Chinese fan Exxon scored

 The celebration route of more than 100 meters! A touching scene after Wulei Yan Junling Chinese fan Exxon scored

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Exxon pushed through the door with ease! Scored twice! Maldives 0-5 National Football Team! (Source: ~)

In the 64th minute, Yang Xu won the penalty. He thought that Exxon would take the penalty, but Yang Xu made the penalty himself. In the 81st minute, Wei Shihao was knocked down on the right side of the penalty area, and the national football team won the penalty again. Exxon scored his first goal in the Chinese national team with a good penalty kick.

After scoring, Exxon was also very excited. He first celebrated with Wulei around him, then jogged along the way, clapped hands with his teammates on the court, and finally ran to the back goal to greet Yan Junling with a hug.

It is worth noting that the Chinese fans behind the goal are all waving and applauding for Exxon. Exxon naturally did not forget the fans who have always supported him, ran to the fans and clenched their fists, and then thanked the Chinese fans.

From singing the national anthem before the start of the game to scoring goals and clapping the teammates one by one in celebration, to the end of the game, the result of fans donated the national flag, and then put the national flag on his body. At this moment, we have to admire that Exxon was born with a high EQ.

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