Apples Apple Watch 5 releases a new retina screen for $399

 Apples Apple Watch 5 releases a new retina screen for $399

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Apple Show iWatch (Source: Netease Technology Report)

Apple officially unveiled the fifth generation of smart watches, AppleWatch Series 5 (hereinafter referred to as AppleWatch 5). Before introducing the hardware part of AppleWatch 5, Apple first introduced the contribution of AppleWatch to health. Apple and the University of Michigan and WHO studied hearing and Harvard public health. The college has studied womens menstruation. Of course, Apple has also joined in cardiovascular research. Everyone can participate in these three studies. Of course, if you dont want to share your data, you can also choose to refuse to provide it.

AppleWatch 5 Series upgraded the new retina display screen, never sleeping, just touch, the screen will light up, using LTPO technology, the screen can be continuously refreshed at 60 Hz frequency, at the same time has lower power, excellent environmental light sensor, these different technologies achieve 24-hour screen display. Show.

Supporting the new compass function, you can see the location, longitude, latitude and altitude, no matter where you are, you can see our location at any time. At the same time, the new product upgraded the emergency telephone service. In 150 countries, you can call the emergency phone directly by activating the control key.

The new AppleWatch 5 series has a variety of colors. Titanium watchcase looks very cool. It is worth mentioning that the new product is also made of 100% recyclable aluminium. Of course, Apple also offers a variety of watchbands for everyone to choose from. This is also the most powerful watch in Apples performance so far.

In terms of price, Apple Watch 5 (GPS version) sells for $399, which is about RMB 2838; and (GPS + mobile network version) sells for $499, which is about RMB 3549, which is officially launched on September 20. In addition, Apple Watch 3 reduced its price to $199, about 1,415 yuan.

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