It can break 100 red flag S9 concept car in 1.9 seconds and make its debut in Frankfurt.

 It can break 100 red flag S9 concept car in 1.9 seconds and make its debut in Frankfurt.

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Red Flag S9 Video of Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 (Source: ~)

New car information:

Although the wind resistance coefficient is not known yet, the streamlined design and aerodynamic Suites throughout the body, as well as the duct extending from the front to the front engine hatch cover, and the wide rear fixed spoiler all reflect the good aerodynamic characteristics of the Red Flag S9. The large red flag brand LOGO with high recognition runs through the center of the car head, and the headlamp of the LED is sharp and dynamic with its unique shape. In addition, the Red Flag S9 car is manually built with carbon fibers.

The side of the body, the low body, the huge individual wheel rim tire, the small side window and the super-large rear wing, together with its mid-rear layout, all explain its overrunning status. It is worth mentioning that a new LOGO is adopted at the C-pillar and wheel ring.

The shape of the rear of the car is still dynamic. The wide rear wing and the down spoiler create a very strong aerodynamic effect, which can also provide enough downward pressure for the Red Flag S9 at high speed. A sufficiently novel LED taillight is the focus of the rear of the vehicle.

The interior red flag S9 is made of a large number of carbon fibers. Its shape has a very strong sense of future and design. The irregular steering wheel and large size LCD instrument further highlight the concept attributes and movement of the vehicle.

In terms of power, the new vehicle will be equipped with a turbocharged V8 Engine-based hybrid system, with maximum power exceeding 1400 horsepower, 0-100km/h acceleration time of 1.9 seconds and extreme speed exceeding 400 km/h.

Brand planning:

In the future, the Red Flag brand will plan its products into four series, such as L/S/H/Q. Among them, the L-series is a new noble and supreme car, which is in the flagship position within the brand. The L5, which has published relevant information before, should belong to this series. S Series is a new noble coupe. Compared with the previous product planning, the S series is a brand new planned model, and the sedan car products are expected to attract more young people to pay attention to the red flag brand.

The H Series is a new noble mainstream vehicle, and this series should belong to the intermediate main selling product sequence of the Red Flag brand. Currently listed H7, H5 and HS5, as well as future HS7 and other SUV products, are included in the series; the last series Q series is a new noble business travel vehicle. Apart from the passenger car market, the Red Flag also has unique advantages in high-end business travel in terms of historical inheritance. It is expected that MPV and other models will belong to this series.