Ma Yuns tearful retirement scene: Change the river and lake, later there will be a period!

 Ma Yuns tearful retirement scene: Change the river and lake, later there will be a period!

That happy smile,

And the happy pace,

It made all the working dogs cry with envy.

But unlike yesterdays brilliant smile and greetings from colleagues and subordinates, Ma Yun shed tears at the 20th anniversary celebration in Alibaba today.

Ma Yun said on the spot at the annual meeting: If the chairman of Alibaba is not right, it does not mean that he retires. Alibaba is only one of many dreams. The world is so good and there are so many opportunities. He hopes to change rivers and lakes, keep green mountains and water flowing, and there will be some time in the future.

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Ma Yun: Green hills remain unchanged, green waters flow long, and there will be a period later (Source: a moment of relaxation)

For many people, Ma Yun is not only an Internet business hero, but also an inspiration for a generation of soul chicken soup.

Since Ma Yun established Alibaba in 1999 in Room 202 of Unit 1 of 16 buildings in Fenghe Courtyard, Lakeside Garden, Alibaba has developed into the Internet company with the highest market value in China ($460 billion).

The success of Ma Yun and Alibaba is also a rare anomaly in Chinese Internet history. Other successful chiefs are returnees, such as Zhang Zhaoyang, Robin Li, etc., or technology flows, such as Ding Lei, Ma Huateng, Lei Jun and so on, while Ma is the only Noji Ko born from Internet entrepreneurs.

Ma Yun was born in an artistic family: his mother was a ballet judge, and his father, a photographer, entered the quyi industry and eventually became the chairman of Zhejiang quyi artists association. If nothing unexpected happens, Ma Yun should learn from a famous musician when he was a child. He loves Taiji and may even become a master of Taiji in the future. But English has changed Ma Yuns destiny.

Since 1977, Ma Yun has taught himself English and has made friends with an Australian friend. A few years later, the friend invited Ma Yun to stay in Australia for 29 days. Ma Yun said, This has changed my life.

Besides, Ma Yun of Hangzhou Normal University was successfully admitted after three college entrance examinations. After graduation, he was assigned a job as an English teacher.

But Ma Yun, who has seen the world, can hardly confine himself to a three-foot platform. He started his first business in 1994 and took this opportunity to travel to the United States. Ma Yun first contacted the Internet here, but he did not find any Chinese company on Yahoos website, which was so popular at that time.

A blue sea, near at hand. A few days later, Ma Yun returned home with an additional 486 computer in his suitcase.

In 1995, China Telecom opened two Internet access nodes in Beijing and Shanghai. In the same year, Ma Yun led the establishment of China Yellow Page, which became one of the earliest websites in China. But in that era, no enterprise realized the power of the Internet, which led to the failure of the Yellow Page of China.

In the winter of 1997, Ma Yun left the Yellow Pages of China and went north to foreign trade and economy. He became the general manager of Guofu Communication Information Technology Development Co., Ltd., the China International Electronic Commerce Center. However, due to the divergence of enterprise development path, Ma Yun decided to give up Guofutong and lead the team back to Hangzhou.

In 1999, the Chinese Internet began to enter the outbreak period. Ma Huateng, Robin Li, Ding Lei and others began to race in the Chinese Internet battlefield.

It was also this year that Ma Yun finally set a good direction and founded Alibaba with Eighteen Arhats.

In 2001, with the advent of the cold winter of the Internet, the Internet industry howled. Ali, which has just been established for two years, launched a Chinese supplier project in the meantime, realizing an astonishing reversal.

In 2003, SARS raged, Ali employees were suspected of SARS, and all employees went home to be quarantined. More than 500 Ali people moved their offices home and kept their business running normally. Ali, who was publicized as the death penalty, not only miraculously revived, but also achieved a five-fold increase in performance.

In 2003, Ali, which has survived the continuous loss, set up Taobao. com, which has also made a significant contribution to Chinas e-commerce history.

At the same time, Ali set up Alipay, and later its capital deposit pool once exceeded the bank.

Alibaba was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007.

In 2009, the establishment of Aliyun, is also the current TOP1 cloud computing in China!

On November 11 of the same year, the first Shuang11 opened. Last year, the sales volume of Shuang11 far exceeded that of Black Five in the United States is still visible.

On January 11, 2012, Taobao Mall announced its renaming as Tianmao, aiming to create a more quality and fashionable online shopping, coexisting with Taobao.

In 2013, the tenth anniversary of Taobao, and also at this conference, Ma Yun stepped down as CEO of Alibaba for the first time and handed over the work of CEO to Lu Zhaoxi.

In 2014, Alibaba was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is now the first Internet company in China in terms of market value.

Today, after a transition period of one year, Ma Yun officially retired and handed over the chairman of Alibaba Board to Zhang Yong, a carefree son.

This is not only due to Ma Yun, but also to Ma Yun.

Someone once asked, when was Ma Yun not regarded as a cheater?

Answer: Maybe it was the day that Alibaba went public successfully.

Thats right. This little man who was once ridiculed as an alien is the way to eradicate all doubts step by step with all his strength.

Comparing with the success in business, Ma Yun always shows his yearning for being a teacher and educating people when he is resigned because of problems.

At a public welfare conference in Ali last year, Ma Yun also said that he would eventually return to the profession of being a teacher. In the future, he would put all his energies and ideas on education: I can be a teacher with ease, but also decided by my personality. I was full of curiosity about many things and imagined that I entered the business world by mistake. I wanted to play for two years, but I didnt expect to play for 20 years.

Ma Yun has also said countless times that his experience as a teacher has benefited him greatly in the development of Alibaba.

Ma Yun, chairman of Alibabas board of directors, has been acting as a village teacher for many years. He has also funded countless real rural teachers and principals to support the development of rural education in China.

An entrepreneur is willing to make efforts and efforts for education, rural education and the growth of the next generation with his own practical actions. In any case, it is also worthy of respect.

Attacking and defending morally, educating people expectantly.

Happy holidays to all teachers in the world! I also hope that Mr. Ma Yun can make greater contributions to Chinas education and public welfare.

Source: Quyidao Responsible Editor: Liu Xiaonan_NBJ10630