Evening News | Ma Yuns resignation as chairman of Alis Board of Directors Mobile only supports NSA single-mode mobile phones

 Evening News | Ma Yuns resignation as chairman of Alis Board of Directors Mobile only supports NSA single-mode mobile phones

Ma Yun said at the Alibaba 20th anniversary party, After this evening, I will start a new life. If I were not the chairman, I was even busier. The world is so good, I love so much, so many opportunities, where willing to retire so young. I hope to change rivers and lakes, green mountains remain unchanged and green waters flow forever. See you around. [Link to the original text

Glorious First Open 5G Lab Announces Vera30 Support for Dual-mode 5G All-Netcom

Recently, Glory unveiled for the first time the equipment of 5G laboratory, including the Communication Protocol Test Laboratory (IOT Laboratory) and multiple laboratories for future 5G scenarios. The communication protocol testing laboratory can simulate the worldwide network format, seamlessly access the global network, and simulate the network bandwidth, arbitrary bandwidth and even arbitrary network scenarios of operators. [Link to the original

After that, Ali no longer has a horse father, a horse teacher in the world.

White dew has passed, the air is cool, it is a year of good scenery. On this day of expressing gratitude to teachers all over the country, Ma Yun stepped down as chairman of Alibaba Board of Directors and devoted himself to being a teacher Ma. It has been 20 years since Alibaba was established in 1999 in Room 202 of Unit 1 of 16 Wind Lotus Courtyard of Lakeside Garden. By this year, Alibaba has grown into a company with a market value of $460 billion. In the past two decades, Ma Yun and Alibaba have left behind miracles and innovations, as well as disputes and challenges.

After today, there is no horse father in the world. [Link to the original

Tai Yue Guan? Analyst: New iPhones can sell 200 million units in China, accounting for 1/3

According to foreign media reports, more than a dozen Wall Street analysts said on Monday that Apples latest iPhone could sell as many as 200 million units, most of which will come from the Chinese market, given the need for existing users to upgrade their old devices. [Link to the original

Joint signature of 48 U.S. state attorneys general: anti-monopoly investigation of Google

According to foreign media reports, 50 attorneys-general from 48 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico Autonomous Region signed a joint anti-monopoly investigation against Google on Monday, putting more pressure on large technology companies, which are already facing strict government scrutiny because of their market dominance. u3002 [Link to the original

Huawei confirms that Mate30 will no longer pre-install any Google applications

On September 9, Huawei confirmed to the media at IFA Berlin in 2019 that the upcoming fall flagship mobile phone Mate30 will not pre-install Google applications and Google Play services. As planned, Huawei Mate30 will be released on September 19 in Munich, Germany, carrying Huaweis latest Kirin 990 chip. Affected by the U.S. ban, Google said earlier that Huawei Mate30 could not pre-install Google applications and services, not use Android system. [Link to the original

Expert: The incidence of taxi cases is about 13 times as high as that of online taxis. Public opinion is misled.

Prior to this, the incidental vicious incidents of the windmill have been spread and fermented, which has aroused heated discussion among the public. People pay more attention to the safety problems of downwind vehicles and online car booking. There are some extreme opinions that online car booking threatens public safety and requires strict supervision. Xue Jun, deputy dean of Peking University Law School, believes that the highest law data show that the incidence of taxi cases is 13 times higher than that of online taxi. Now the safety of online taxi is overstated, which seriously misleads public opinion. [Link to the original

The United States accused Chinese scholars of helping Huawei steal technology in response to Huawei: slander

U.S. prosecutors charged a Chinese scholar with fraud 9 with helping Huawei steal technology from a California company. Huawei said the U.S. governments purpose in taking these bad actions is nothing more than to discredit Huawei as a company developed by stealing other peoples business secrets and to crack down on and restrict Huaweis global leadership. No company in the world can become the worlds leading high-tech enterprise by stealing. [Link to the original

Mobile: Future NSA-only single-mode mobile phones cannot connect to 5G only under SA

When China Mobile recently sent a reminder of 5G package service, it indicated that the future 5G network will be NSA/SA hybrid network. After network upgrade, only single-mode mobile phones supporting NSA will not be able to connect 5G network in only SA network location. But China Mobile did not say how long the future means. [Link to the original

Apples App Store Algorithmic Search Result No longer favors its own applications

Apple executives Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue recently confirmed in interviews that Apple has recently adjusted its search algorithm for its App Store to make its own applications appear less at the top of search results. [Link to the original