Hu Xijin: What happens in Hong Kong? Who owns the sinking and floating boat cant reach Berlin?

 Hu Xijin: What happens in Hong Kong? Who owns the sinking and floating boat cant reach Berlin?

We dont need to be angry about opposing. The German people want to expand economic cooperation with China and set up a chastity archway for themselves in the western public opinion.

Mass saw Huang Zhifeng once again show that on the Hong Kong issue, Western public opinion has been mobilized to a considerable extent by the United States, forming pressure, and Masss opportunistic approach is to respond to this pressure.

I think on the one hand, China should continue to exert pressure on European countries and oppose their officialscomments on Hong Kong. On the other hand, we should base ourselves on supporting the HKSAR government to stabilize the situation in Hong Kong and win the support of the majority of the citizens in stopping the riots, which is even more important.

Huang Zhifeng advocated in Berlin that Hong Kong would be the new Berlin if it were in the new Cold War era. Hu believes that most people in Hong Kong will not want their cities to become the frontier of the new cold war, so that they will face an irreparable tear and never have a peaceful day. Very few of the most extreme Hong Kong rioters appeal to the United States Congress to pass a bill that threatens Hong Kongs future and threatens to abolish its special tariff treatment, and it will not be welcomed by the majority of Hong Kongs citizens.

People like Huang Zhifeng are responding to Hong Kong societys stir-frying, that is to say, the incentive to burn both jade and stone. This is the hysteria that only Nazi Germany and militarist Japan had in their final stages. How could the people of Hong Kong accompany them?

Hong Kongs affairs are still very complicated. Among them are the general discontent of the people of Hong Kong, the most radical violent demonstrators and the extremist political opposition who want to make a profit. Outside, there are Americans who want to disrupt China and impose pressure on China, and there are also general Western countries who mix and stir up mainly in an ideological way.

Dealing with these different forces requires different ways, and in general, we need confidence and patience.

Hong Kong is a statutory part of China. It is a special administrative region under the rule of China. The PLA is stationed there. The bottom card of Hong Kongs situation is in Beijings hands. Mainlanders in China know this, as do Hong Kong people, and the international community knows it. Beijings position is always the most authoritative in Hong Kong, and no force can overcome and shake it.

The HKSAR government has not yielded to the insurgents, and the police force has been loyal to its duties, which shows that one country, two systems are powerful, and the support provided by Beijing is very useful. Recently, the Hong Kong Police Force has become more and more resolute in its anti-riot actions. Although the rioters are distressed, the number of people participating in the demonstrations has decreased markedly. The situation has shown some frustrating trends for the rioting forces in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, it will be a long-term struggle. The fundamental reason is that the above-mentioned complex situation of the Hong Kong issue will not change in the short term and the game will continue. Under the Hong Kong system, the future trend of the situation largely depends on the direction of public opinion. To be sure, time is on the side of patriotic and patriotic forces in Hong Kong and on the side of the people of the whole country.

Hong Kongs prosperity is inseparable from the motherland, the rear area, and the rule of law and stability of Hong Kong. There are value differences between Hong Kong society and the mainland society, but this does not prevent Hong Kong from playing a unique role in the motherland family and continuing to serve as a bridge between China and the West. Whether it is a bridge or a front line, it is no doubt that Hong Kong society will calmly choose the latter.

The ability of the United States to intervene in Hong Kong is limited. Germany knows very well that it is a soy sauce player in Hong Kong. After Prime Minister Merkels visit to China, Foreign Minister Masss performance is a typical show of meticulous calculation of gains and losses. It is not a moral atmosphere, but a small family spirit of city politics.

The ups and downs of Hong Kongs affairs are not the power of the West, nor Berlins.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143