Wang Yibos wonderful life cannot be defined.

 Wang Yibos wonderful life cannot be defined.

This point has also been repeatedly verified by the female artists who have worked with him. As if he had been unified with standard answers, he said little, and even preferred to be nominated as Contemporary Tang Monk.

Song Zuer also once Tucao Wang Bo, once tried to chat with him, but he said, you are the most I have ever seen. Sit firmly on the title of straight man of iron and steel.

In the variety show, Wang Yibos room was decorated by the program group, and a group photo of him and several female artists was placed at the bedside. As soon as the camera flashed, Wang Yibo had buttoned the photos on the back.

In Every Day Up, Wang Yibo and Li Kaixin had a short date. Li Kaixin had been chatting with Wang Yibo enthusiastically, asking questions from east to west, talking constantly, and Ye Zhan had no response. When Li Kaixin said that he liked humorous boys, Wang Yibo said frankly that I was not humorous...

When taking pictures with girls, Ye Zhan always looks indifferent. Even if there are hot models standing beside him, Wuliye Zhan is also a face of forced business. Zheng Yibo, a straight man of iron and steel, Wang Yibo!

And taking pictures with your beloved motorcycle is just as happy as taking pictures with your girlfriend. Taking pictures with the owner of a motorcycle shop is like meeting his mother-in-law...

Hold the abstinence to death, but the boys honesty has a contrast.

There are many honest boys in the entertainment industry, but Yazao is definitely one of the best. In an interview, the host asked a girl to guess Wang Yibos height on the spot. The girl guessed 182. Unexpectedly, Wang Yibo denied it at that time. He said that it was Baidus height, which was false, and his real height was actually 179.

When she said this, she saw a little pride in Ye Zhans face.

Although Ye Zhans reply made her look confused, but this kind of disguise, non-pretense, courage to do their own character is too powdery!

At the age of 13, he fell in love with dancing. At the age of 14, he participated in the IBD National Top Street Dance Competition. After entering the Top 16, he was trained by Lehua Entertainment Excavation.

In September 2014, he appeared with UNIQ. Ye Zan acted as a dancer in the group. On the stage, he was quite different from the usual one. When he danced, his movements and expressions were in place, and he did his best to express himself. Solid dance skills and professional dance skills circle countless powder.

As a cool Guy Bengai, he does not like dancing with women, but as a 101 tutor, he did not show a trace of impatience, personally demonstration, shy painting style mutation!

Wang Yibo is a man who refuses to lose. If he likes it, he will have to challenge it. If he likes it, he will do his best.

Skateboarding is also a great hobby of Wang Yibo. Participated in the program Extreme Youth, in various occasions, you can always see Ye Zan with a skateboard, but also frequently because of skateboard hot search.

Talent may only be part of it. Look at the injuries in this leg. Practicing hard is the capital of dazzling skills.

Skateboarding is just one of those cool hobbies, and its known to everyone as to his life. Ye Zhan really loves motorcycles deeply. He even turned his hobby into a profession and became a professional motorcycle racing driver.

In the ARRC Asian Highway Motorcycle Championship Zhuhai Station, Wang Yibo refreshed his personal best result with a single lap of 1:58.610 and won the first place in the group and the second place in the mixed field.

Naming your fans will never forget motorcycles.

But in fact, it was found earlier that Wang Yibos body was not suitable for strenuous exercise. Ye Zheng was also a real man. The more difficult he was, the more courageous he became.

Yazan said that he privately preferred sports and skateboarding. It is not difficult to find that in his dressing, exaggerated patterns and bold color collision are concave modelling careful machine.

The matching has strong sense of existence and exquisite details.

Hard-to-handle items were equally fashionable for him.

Change into abstinence suit, its eye-nourishing!

The new back method of freeing your hands and hanging your bag around your neck is also eye-catching.

Occasionally also contributed a avant-garde airport beekeeper shape, honey fashion... He later explained, Thats what you dont understand. Hip-Hop basically wears it like this. He also seriously advised everyone to know about it.

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