Time is not a pig knife, your other half is.

 Time is not a pig knife, your other half is.

Startled everyone, busy ask whats wrong?

I forgot! Last month was the tenth anniversary of our marriage!

Her husbands face was black: After buying the house, the pants are almost pawned. What kind of ride is it? Go straight home and drink the Northwest wind!

A little lost Nana and her husband went home like this.


This is probably the marriage portrayal of most people.

When there is no love, sometimes busy even today can not remember what day;

The reality of life is trivial, often bickering, occasionally blackening each other;

Be disgusted with trivial matters and quarrel about troubles in work and life.


Maybe in marriage, we had a thousand ideas about divorce, but in the end, we found a thousand and one reasons to go on.

Nana has been married for ten years. She buys a house and a car. Her work goes smoothly. Her son is growing up and her husband is competent. They all think that her marriage is very happy.

Among the unmarried children and nephews of relatives, there are always people who admire her.

But she always denies, Dont envy me. After so many years of marriage, there are no fewer worries, frustrations and quarrels every day than anybody else!

After so many years of marriage, it gradually became clear that a happy life is just a moon in the water, a flower in the mirror, but not in the eye.

Life, in fact, is just a process of constantly disillusioning, because disillusioned, the reality will be so clear, so intolerable and unacceptable.

Therefore, talent will gradually mature in the cruel reality and disillusionment.


Think about the past, in love, which girl is not a collection of thousands of favorites in one? You said that he never dared to go west, let him stand, he never dared to sit down. If you point it in the water, he dares to jump in and catch the moon.

Love is really blind, the most delicate people can become myopic, hazy, to hang their own glasses beauty camera, both sides see who is unique.

But once the height of marriage glasses hang on the face, every day we see each others ugly and vulgar side, what lazy and sloppy, do not love hygiene, do not want to make progress are all clearly seen.

Whats more, the person who once loved you so much and was willing to pick the stars and the moon for you, now even if you were alone with tears, he only cares about fighting fiercely in the game.

Like my subordinate Lulu, she was lucky to find a spouse before she got married. Every day she received them early and sent them late. That kind of hospitality makes us all feel that her boyfriend is more diligent and tired than the cleaner.

But Lulu was full of happiness.

Never put off work for a minute.

The same man, how can the contrast be so great before and after marriage?

In fact, the most difficult thing for a woman to get married is not the change from a girl to a young woman, but the psychological imbalance after marriage.

But on second thought, what we see is always just one side of other peoples life. Every family has its own difficulties. Everyones bright back is covered with chicken feathers and willow catkins.

So, dont envy anyone easily, and dont despise anyone easily. Everyone takes a filter to see someone elses marriage, and then takes out a magnifying glass to see their family.

Those outsiders still seem to quarrel frequently and have no romantic marriage. How do you know that they are not usually candlelit dinner, full of happiness?

The husbands of other families, who are full of advantages, have never been with him day and night, have never had trifles, and naturally do not know the taste of flying chickens and dogs jumping.

It is said that time is to kill the pig knife, cruel and ruthless, will erase everything, will make the once beautiful face disappear, will break up the once vow, will make everything change is human rights and wrongs, so that everything once no longer exists.

It is only now discovered that these are not the mistakes of the years.

Time is just a flowing water, the real vicissitudes of life, bitterness and bitterness, are given by the other half of the marriage.