Wang Junkais hot search: Men who cant avoid suspicion will be unlucky sooner or later!

 Wang Junkais hot search: Men who cant avoid suspicion will be unlucky sooner or later!

The reason is that in the Chinese Restaurant, Qin Hailu was busy cooking in the back kitchen, sweating heavily.

Wang Junkai saw it and retreated silently. Later, Yang Zi came over and said, Sister, let me help you wipe your sweat.

Originally, Wang Junkai felt that he was a boy, and it was inconvenient to wipe the sweat for the lady, so he specifically called Yang Zi to help.

Coincidentally, there is also a hot search recently: Where is Dad going? A small detail is made into a motion picture, brushing the screen online, the protagonist is also a warm man who knows how to avoid suspicion. Kangkang feeds ice cream in summer.

He scooped down a melted point on the top of the ice cream and ate it himself.

Then the warm scene came.

It would be uncomfortable to hold the used spoon in your hand, but Kangkang insisted on doing so.

Because he knows that summer is a girl and cant eat with a boy with the same spoon.


Is it really necessary to be so particular?

Wang Junkai is 20 years younger than Qin Hailu. In fact, even if he wipes Qin Hailus sweat himself, most people will not say anything.

Kangkang was less than 7 when he was recording the program. Even if he used the spoon directly for the summer, the audience would only think that the children were innocent.

But without any reminder, Wang Junkai and Kangkang chose to avoid suspicion.

Kangkang, in particular, has to say that the gender awareness of young people is very clear, so family education is very good.

I read a little story before.

A girl came on holiday and accidentally stained her trousers.

She lay painfully on the table and quietly passed notes to another girl for help.

At this time, a boy saw it, took off his coat and threw it over, saying, Are you a little cold? Lend your clothes.

The girl thanked her and tied her coat around her waist.

The girl who received the note also came to help, quickly covered the dirty bench, and then sent her back to the dormitory.

Just as he was about to succeed, another boy behind him suddenly shouted, Dont hide it, I saw it earlier!

Similarly, in the face of female classmates coming for a holiday, some boys choose to pretend that they are invisible and help hide the past, while others deliberately tell everyone loudly in order to make a splash.

No girl wants to be friends with the second kind of person.


Avoiding suspicion is a mans minimum respect for women.

Even parents and daughters should know how to avoid suspicion when necessary.

Zhang Liang once said publicly that to express his love for his daughter, he could kiss his forehead, hair and arms, but not his mouth.

In contrast, Beckham often expressed his love for his daughter regardless of occasion and manner.

He described his mood as like eating cherries on a cake.

Looking at the small seven days grow up, come and fall into a beautiful little girl.

But people found a very embarrassing phenomenon: Beckham often kissed Little Seven mouth to mouth, even in public, and did not shy away.

Its very uncomfortable to see.

Maybe in Beckhams opinion, Little Seven is his precious daughter, no matter how to express his love for her, it can not be too much.

But he neglected Xiao Qis feelings.

When Junior Seven grows up, he will probably face two situations:

One is that she has established a normal sense of gender. Looking back at the kissing photos at this time, she feels very embarrassed.

These two results are undoubtedly not what a father who really loves his daughter would like to see.


Apart from being cautious in raising girls, gender education for boys is also indispensable.

Unfortunately, many boysparents dont think so.

Even some boys, who are four or five years old, still go to the womens bathroom with their mothers and go to the womens bathroom conveniently.

In the face of women in untidy clothes, the children look at them with impunity.

When the mother felt no problem: How can a child be so fastidious? Anyway, my family is a boy, not to lose.

Such a boy grew up and naturally did not know how to avoid suspicion.

They walk in and out of the ladys bedroom at will, make vague jokes with the girl, look around with their eyes, put their hands at random, and behave without any sense of propriety.

A man does things very carelessly and does not avoid suspicion.

He has a neighbor who works outside all the year round and only the hostess is at home.

Men borrow axes, push open the door and rush in. They happen to bump into a woman naked, meeting her lover.

Fearing that things might be exposed, the woman grabbed the man and shouted, and the lover took the opportunity to slip away.

He can only confess his bad luck.


Watermelon fields dont take care of their performance, but plums dont have a full crown. This is not only respecting women, but also protecting themselves.

Specifically, we can pay attention to several small details, such as:

Dont drink milk tea with the same straw as heterosexuals unless you really have a close relationship.

When helping a woman, remember to hold her wrist, not her palm, to avoid suspicion of holding hands.

When taking a picture with a woman, pay attention to the position of your hands. Dont hide your hands behind a woman in order to avoid unnecessary reverie.

To cherish the feathers of others is to cherish their own feathers.

A man who is in the habit of avoiding suspicion from time to time cant get down to it even if others want to make rumors and slander.


Avoiding suspicion is a mans minimum respect for women.

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