25 Common Senses in Interpersonal Communication

 25 Common Senses in Interpersonal Communication

About speaking

1. Never speak ill of others behind their backs. Even if they are very bad in character, learning to shut up is the way to survive.

3. Dont promise easily, especially when you cant judge the result accurately.

4. Dont be influenced by emotions. In a state of emotional instability, you prefer not to talk or hurt others.

5. If there are grievances or misunderstandings, we should speak them out. If we can solve them through communication, we should not use silence to resist them. Otherwise, problems will always exist.

About politeness

1. When handing scissors or sharp things to others, point your head toward yourself.

3. When others are in a bad mood, keep them quiet and dont ask too many questions.

4. Wash your hands and dont throw water casually. Dry them well. Its very impolite to throw them on others.

5. Dont smoke in public. Dont talk too loudly in the elevator. Cover your hands or mouth when you cough or sneeze to avoid affecting others.

About image

1. Sit in a position. Stand in a position. Dont cross your legs. Dont be listless. Put your hands in your pockets.

2. What kind of clothes to wear on any occasion, to wear daily professional clothes at work, to wear evening dresses at dinner, do not be too casual.

3. Do not show disdain for anyone, even if he is really ignorant and ugly, but also maintain the most basic respect for people.

4. Meet acquaintances and greet them on your own initiative, not as if you hadnt seen them.

5. Smile more.

On Making Friends

1. You are not Renminbi. You cant satisfy everyone.

3. Do not deliberately please anyone, or even after you become good friends, it will not be an equal relationship.

4. Dont pry into a friends privacy at will, even if he is your best friend.

5. Dont talk too much. Dont be nice to others. You just want to tell him all the secrets.

1. Dont always think about being greedy and cheap. Even if you occasionally suffer a small loss, dont over-calculate.

2. Dont be a good teacher. Dont teach others how to be a person from a moral high point.

3. If you have problems, think first, or use the search tool to search for information by yourself, you really dont understand and consult your predecessors.

4. Someone volunteers to help you, remember to give back and thank you. Inviting dinner and drinking tea are the lowest cost social ways. Someone asks you to help, remember to evaluate their abilities and conditions first, and make sure there is no problem before promising.

5. Be humble forever. After all, there are people outside the world, and there are days outside.

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