Ma Yun Tears at the Retirement Site: Where can I retire when I am so young?

 Ma Yun Tears at the Retirement Site: Where can I retire when I am so young?

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September 10 is Alibabas twentieth birthday, and is also the day when Alibaba Chairman Ma Yun leaves office.

Alibaba is just one of my many dreams. Im still very young. Ive been doing many things, such as education, public welfare and environmental protection. But I can do better and spend more time. At the celebration of the 20th Anniversary Conference of Alibaba, Ma Yun said that the inappropriate chairman of Alibaba is not equal to retirement, or will not stop. I think I am still very young, I think there are many places I want to play, all want to toss and turn.

Over the past 20 years, Alibaba has the best talent, the best technology and the most resources, but this is not an asset we can show off. This is the great trust of society in us. Ma hopes that in the next 20 years Alibaba will make good use of these resources, these talents and these technologies.

Compared with the past six points of customer first, team cooperation, embracing change, honesty, passion and dedication, the new six-pulse sword consists of six more earthly local dialects: customer first, employees second, shareholders third; because trust, so simple; the only constant is change; todays best performance. It is the lowest requirement of tomorrow; at this moment, I am the only one; live conscientiously and work happily.

It is reported that the New Six-Vein Sword took 14 months to come out. More than 20 manuscripts have been revised before and after, and behind each sentence there is a story about Alis development history. Alibaba said: No matter how the environment changes, Alibabas adherence to its mission, to its vision and to its values will remain unchanged.

I just watched with great emotion! I did not expect to wait ten years for this day, so fast, so beautiful.

Thank you to all the people who have helped, supported and trusted Alibaba, to all Alibaba employees and friends, to this great era, to this country and to this great city.

In fact, when I look down, I find that the Ali people are getting worse and worse. Perhaps few companies in the world are so professional in their literary and artistic performances. Many people think that we specialize in literary and artistic performances. This is Alis culture and value. We have to, and at the same time, not only do we work well, we have to play well, we have to live well. Thank you, our party has been 18 years, 18 years of progress is growing, I hope that in 30 years, we can bring more wonderful to the world.

Fifteen years ago, Alibaba decided to make the company 102 years, spanning three centuries. I was thinking about a question at that time. How can I do it? Many people dont necessarily believe in the companys vision as a slogan or a slogan, but Ali wants to convince himself that we can walk for 102 years. First of all, we need to believe in ourselves and make sure that it can be achieved.

At that time, we began to think about how to inherit it. Think in terms of system. We have visited many companies and studied many companies. There are basically two ways around the world: to give the company to the next generation, or to give it to professional managers. The third way is seldom tried, but we think its the right way to discover, cultivate and support the new leadership team, and ensure the companys inheritance with culture, system and talent.

For this day, I have prepared for ten years. Thank you for the trust of all Alibabas management, leadership, staff colleagues and shareholder directors. Its not a whim, not to mention the pressure. What am I afraid of when people pass it on the internet? In the past 20 years, Ali people have never been afraid. We have only feared the future, and we have never feared the future.

Today is not Ma Yuns retirement, but the beginning of a system inheritance. Today is not a persons choice, but the success of a system. Thank all the friends of Chinese entrepreneurs and the efforts of Chinese entrepreneurs. Thank Ali for his efforts. Lets have today. Thank you.

Todays world is developing rapidly, with all kinds of complex changes, which, whether you like it or not, will affect everyone of me. The challenges of globalization in recent years, the anxiety caused by new technologies, the deterioration of the environment... Various changes are sending a signal that a new era is coming soon.

Today, all the worries, all the anxiety, all the confusion, I think it is a pain before the advent of a new era. In the next 30 years, the world will undergo many earth-shaking changes. Because the impact of technological revolution is far beyond everyones imagination. This technological revolution will be the most profound change in human history.

Whether it is artificial intelligence, big data, or the 5G, IoT era that we are entering, all of these hope to solve three human problems: sustainable development, inclusive and altruistic. If the world fails to achieve sustainable development, if it fails to provide universal benefits, technology, finance and opportunity, and if it fails to make others better, the world will become more and more chaotic. If technology cant solve these problems, technology is meaningless. Without solving these problems, I believe that the world will be full of contradictions.

If the past 20 years are the 20 years of Internet companies, the next 30 years will be the 30 years of good Internet technology. This Internet age is an opportunity for everyone. Only if you are willing to change yourself, all the pain can only be accomplished by changing yourself. Dont try to change others. Everyone of us has to step out of yesterdays self. In the future world, if you want to succeed, your business wants to succeed, and you want to succeed personally, remember that you need to think not only for yourself, but also for others, for the world and for the future.

Many people say that Ma Yun always stands tall when you speak, from the point of view of human beings and the world. I didnt mean it. For 20 years, I believe we have adhered to these. You joke, we say so; you believe, of course, we are happier.

Our generation is the luckiest. After World War II, mankind may have had the longest period of peace. Our generation has gone through the Cultural Revolution, and this generation has undergone great reforms. This generation has seen the brilliance of the industrial age. Our generation will soon face challenges to enter and embrace the data age. All of us are people who span two technological eras.

Can it be painless? Can we not tangle? But pain and entanglement are useless. Change yourself. The standard of the industrial age is to become stronger and bigger. In the 21st century, no matter what kind of organization you are, what kind of person you are, you should not be big, you should not be strong, you should do well. Kindness is the most powerful force.

This change is a challenge for human beings and a challenge for everyone to change themselves. In the past 20 years, some people have said that Ma Yun is very lucky. Some people have said that Alibaba is really good, but in fact it is not right. Ali made no fewer mistakes than any other company, but we did make many right choices. In fact, every time we make an important choice, every time Alibaba makes a huge decision at a critical moment, we never make a decision based on the interests of business. Ali from 20 years ago to now, all our decisions, important decisions have nothing to do with money. We all think about the decisions we make, the technology we invest in, and whether the products we make can solve social problems. Is it based on our mission, our vision and our values?

The business decisions of Ali people are not easy, but the choice of values is more painful. Over the past 20 years, we have often been questioned and challenged, but we have no doubt about ourselves and the future. Some even say that we never repent. Ali people, we clearly have a good way to go, but we choose the road no one has to go, but we have to go.

Because Ali didnt want to be a very mediocre family that could only make money. In the future, remember that we never want to be a mediocre thing that only makes money. Our goal has never been to defeat our opponents, but to bring about better changes in the world. We dont want or want to become a powerful company. We just hope that we are a good company in the society, in the world, in front of the common people and in the heart. Its not easy to be a strong company, but its harder to be a good one. A strong company is determined by its business ability, while a good company is responsible and kind.

Over the past 20 years, Alibaba has the best talent, the best technology and the most resources, but this is not an asset we can show off, it is a great trust of our society. The society has given us the best talents, the opportunity to develop technology and a lot of trust. Everyone of us will say thanks. Everyone is saying thanks. But I hope that the best way for Ali people to appreciate social trust is to bring more surprises to the society by their actions.

I hope that in the next 20 years, our responsibility is to use these resources, talents and technologies to make the world greener, more inclusive and more sustainable, while making our world softer and warmer.

Our countrys greatest opportunity to solve economic problems lies in developing domestic demand. If Chinas domestic demand is developed, it will not only boost Chinas economy, but also the worlds economy. It depends on market economy, not government means. Ali people, what we do today, regardless of new retail, new manufacturing and new consumption towards the future, Chinas domestic demand is not doing well. Ali has the responsibility to do well in Chinas domestic demand, which has nothing to do with Ali. There are also great opportunities for new globalization. Today we Chinese are very confident, but our views on ourselves are so different from those of the world. The world is afraid of China, of technology, of powerful companies.

We want technology to be good-intentioned. We want technology to bring hope, not despair. We hope that Alibaba will take part in a new round of globalization in the future, bring opportunities to the world, give small and medium-sized enterprises all over the world, help them sell goods, help the people of the world get financial support, and make the worlds goods available to the world. This is what we hope for in globalization. We prefer technology. Today Alibaba has become a technology company. The strength of technology lies in the value it brings to society and the warmth it brings to mankind. Aliyun, Damo Academy, all the technical departments and technicians of Alibaba, bring opportunities to the world with their ability and imagination.

Technology must be good, and we must also understand that with a population of 1.4 billion, manufacturing will not bring many jobs to China. The tremendous challenge for China in the future is employment, vigorously developing modern service industry, and developing more employment-creating service industries are the resources of Ali people today. Talents and technology should go all out. Only by taking on these really important issues can we go 102 years. Alis future is not to prove that we can make 102 years of money, but to prove that we are willing to take 102 years of responsibility. Only by taking 102 years of responsibility, we can make 102 years of money. Thank you.

As for myself, I think I understand very well that many years ago, I just started to do Alibaba, I had the opportunity to go to Greenwich Observatory. Someone told me, where is the solar system? I couldnt find the solar system. Then another person asked, Where do you say the earth is? I havent found the earth. In the galaxy, I cant find the earth at all. Where are we people on Earth? We dont eat anything. At that moment, I understand that in this world, Wearenobody.

Life is not what you have achieved, but what you have experienced. The world is so beautiful, there are so many things, I want to experience, all want to try. And there are so many things in the world that are not good or good, and they are unsatisfactory. I think Im going to toss and turn.

In 2013, I left the CEO position. I thought I would not be so busy. I thought it would be much easier to be chairman. I didnt think I had been busier than before in the past six years. If I am not the chairman of Alibaba, it does not mean that I retire. I will not stop. Alibaba is just one of my many dreams. I think Im still young. I think there are many places I want to play, and I want to toss about. Many things, such as education, public welfare, environmental protection, I have been doing, but I think I can do better, spend more time, maybe this is what I should do.

Im going to start a new life after tonight. Im not the chairman. I really believe that the world is so good, there are so many opportunities, and Im so busy. Where can I retire so young? I hope to change rivers and lakes, green hills remain unchanged, green waters flow, and there will be some time later. Thank you.

Source: All-weather Science and Technology Responsible Editor: Qiao Junyi_NBJ11279