Dont make friends with people who struggle too much, Ha-ha

 Dont make friends with people who struggle too much, Ha-ha

This is a sentence written by Jane Austen in the early nineteenth century.

Unexpectedly, up to now, this sentence still applies to those who are blinded by prejudice.


The reason why I want to write this article is because of such a thing.

A few days ago, I met an old classmate who had not been in touch for a long time.

I asked: Whats wrong?

He said, Dont mention him. Ive been so miserable in my graduation years. Ive deleted his Wechat.

I wonder, because that friend works steadily, earns a lot of money and doesnt have a bad mix.

And the reason why my old classmate deleted that friend was even more surprising to me:

Hes a hard worker who likes to buy bargains in groups. He certainly doesnt make much money.

Does Pingduo = greedy, cheap = poor quality of life = bad mix?

With all due respect, although I havent downloaded many spellings, I dont agree with this logic.

I dont know if youve studied it or not, how many friends and relatives around you, and how many users there are.

Ive studied it, and the data are very solid: most of it.

In our life, the proportion of this group of people can not be ignored.

Perhaps some people who struggle on the food and clothing line really relieve the pressure of life by fighting too much.

Older generations are used to splitting a penny into two halves. Many consumables are buying more and more, which is really suitable.

As for those peers who use more than one unit, they are not taking advantage or not mixing well.

They are keen to be careful where they save money and regard it as the joy and wisdom of life.

Young people who spell too much dare to spend time figuring out which paper to buy is more cost-effective.

I also dare to reward myself for a trip abroad, rewarding myself with a net red hair dryer of 3,000 yuan.

Open the Wechat dialog box or brush the circle of friends. Sometimes we can see the news of help bargaining and teamwork.

Long-term screen brushing, even annoying people want to blacken him, but after all, it is a minority.

Most of them are people who plan their spending and live a serious life.

The contempt and arrogance revealed in his words highlighted his ignorance.


Wearing colored glasses to see the world, the world will lose its original color.

Ignorant people can learn new knowledge and broaden their horizons by learning.

And those with prejudice will only block the door of knowing the world with blind resistance.

I have seen a famous psychological experiment.

Six professional photographers were invited to take portraits of people.

Before filming, the insider told the photographers in advance that they were about to take pictures of people who were identities:

There are self-made millionaires, lifeguards and prisoners.

There are also honest fishermen, mysterious mediums, and successful abstainers.

Some are like steady millionaires, some are like gloomy prisoners, and some are like spiritual mediums.

Some are like fishermen in the sun, others like reliable lifeguards...

But in fact, the six photographers actually shot the same person.

And all the identities are fabricated. The object of the shooting is just a very ordinary middle-aged man.

Because the photographer was informed in advance of the identity of the photographed person, the photographer had a preconceived prejudice.

Therefore, the final appearance of a man is determined by the prejudice of the photographer.

Our thoughts and actions are too easily influenced by prejudice.

Similar prejudices in life have long been deeply imprinted in our daily life:

There are so many people in that cell phone that they love to take advantage of it.

That boy who plays rock and roll must be a bad young man, stay away from him.

Players of the game are not engaged in serious work and have no future. They should go to electrotherapy.