Isnt it just a circle of friends?

 Isnt it just a circle of friends?

A lot of voices soon appeared in the comment area:

Sprinkle dog food Oh really happy...

Blessing Spreading Flowers, at last, does not need to fall in love with other places!


You look exactly like the New Years Day. You dont have to be a friend...

A little deliberate sister.

Its good to have money. Its better to have a rich boyfriend.

This seems to be a simple three-word, a moment to her cheerful mood from the clouds to the bottom of the valley.

In a word, when she sent out a delicious food, some people said that there was no delicious food, that is, the price was high, and all the people who had not eaten delicious food would go.

When she sends out a photo, someone will say under the table, Okay, you know you have a boyfriend. Thats not going to be sunny everyday, is it?

At the beginning, although it was not a taste to look at them, she didnt say anything, just hit them with a haha to hide her embarrassment.

One noon, while she was hiding in the bathroom editing a new circle of friends, she heard someone outside pushing the door in.

A Womans first opening:

Well, have you seen the circle of friends of Huazhi lately? My god, are you drunk? Its as if someone didnt know she had a boyfriend.

Woman B laughed and then said:

Yeah, look at her complacency and deliberate show. She goes on a trip and takes crazy pictures. She also wants to show in a restaurant that is slightly better. That has never seen the face of the world, nor is it afraid to laugh at the dead...

After that, they both laughed and went out almost at the same time.

The flower branch is ready to press the sending key finger, so it hangs in the air with the sound of the closed door.

Ten seconds later, she clicked the delete button and deleted all the carefully edited content.

Maybe its really annoying and deliberate? Thats why they feel so uncomfortable. Ive had a little more hair lately, she thought.

Think about it, she even set all the previous hair for personal visibility.

Then, every time she picked up her cell phone and wanted to send something, she would think of those questioned times, and then subconsciously restrain her impulse to express.

My boyfriend found out, but in the face of his questions, she just casually found a reason to prevaricate the past.

Are you all right lately?

The flower branch feels strange and asks in reply:

Im all right. Why did you suddenly ask that?

Jill said, Didnt you have a circle of old friends before? Especially after his boyfriend came back from abroad, he showed off in two places in three days.

Recently, you havent sent it out for a long time, and you have deleted all the previous ones. Its empty in your circle of friends. So many common friends and colleagues are talking in private. Arent you breaking up with a man?

Its been a long time since I saw you send out any gourmet scenery. Many people feel that something must have happened. Life is not satisfactory, and they cant afford to rush.

Its nothing, Jill told Huazhi. A female colleague added oil and vinegar to Huazhi, saying that she shouldnt have sunned so much at the beginning. Now, if she didnt have to, she would lose her hair.

After Huazhi listened to her, she said nothing at the moment.

On the contrary, in the following days, the speed of renewal of the circle of friends is faster and more frequent than before, and all of them are nine palaces, and the matching text is no longer as carefully considered as before.

Lifetime is a way of saying what you want to do and what you like to say.

There are still comments that make people feel uncomfortable or even obscure, but it seems that all of a sudden there is no lethal effect on flower branches.

Well, youve been very diligent lately. The women in my department have started again, and youve become one of their talks. Youd better stop getting old. Im sorry to hear that. If you hear that, youll die of misery.

Seeing Jills more anxious appearance than herself, Huazhi smiled and said to her:

Dont you think that no matter whether I send it or not, no matter what they send it, they can always find the point of doubt. Do they always have a set of statements about it?

Why dont I just try to please myself? Isnt it just a circle of friends? Why dont you follow your own ideas?

There are always many people in life. They like to judge otherslives by their own ideas when they dont know anything about them.

Their less pleasant comments, like the sun, can always eclipse the star-like blessings and goodwill.

In a moment, your mood will drop to the bottom, and even wonder if you really shouldnt send that kind of content.

Next, you may spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how others will react and evaluate when they see and know something before you do anything.

When you deliberate on the state of going out carefully and receive all the good reviews, you are proud of it and relieved at the same time.

But forget about you at this time, all the action seems to be more around other peoples ideas.

I remember meeting a very good girl in college. Her name was Merry.

Merry was born in a rural family with very difficult conditions. She did not grow up in an advanced environment like a child growing up in the city, accepting all kinds of new things.

Maybe you cant believe it. When she went to college, it was her first trip to a big city like Guangzhou. That night, her father took her to eat before she left. It was her first McDonalds in her life.

That night, she sent out a circle of friends. She carefully arranged the McDonalds and took pictures of the circle. It was like completing an extremely sacred ceremony. At that moment, she was really happy.

However, she received such a comment:

What do you want to express? Express your excitement about eating McDonalds for the first time?

How could she not read what the other person meant by saying that she had never seen the world before.

But she hardly hesitated to reply.

Yes, the first time you ate it was really fun. Do you remember how you ate it for the first time?

She doesnt send out circles of friends to tell people what she has done and eaten, who she is with at the moment, and she doesnt care if others dont understand her feelings.

She sends out friends circles, microblogs, diaries, whatever is good, just hope that one day when she is really old, there are good memories to recall and recall.

When you look back a few years later, you will not feel lost. You can also recall that month, when you were young, to prove that the world has come, experienced and lived truly and splendidly.

So, instead of hating those who have to force two sentences to show their poor sense of superiority and self-esteem when they see anything, they are the poor, broken-mouthed people.

I appreciate it more, like Merry and the later branches.u2014u2014

Love whoever you do, please yourself first.

Because other peoples mouths and brains grow on others, you cant control them, not to mention, when a person wants to question, he can always find the point of doubt.

Take the circle of hair friends for example, you send them think you show, you dont send them think you cant show, since somebody will say anyway, you should understand that the fault lies in those who have broken their mouths, not you.

Since we cant please everyone, why dont we please ourselves?

A large bunch of red roses was sunned in the branches the night before last, and a comment was harvested below.

Every day in this show, will you be too high-profile?

A few seconds later she returned:

Every day, whatever I do, will your hand be a little too long?

Yeah, isnt it just a circle of friends? Are you in charge? Im not sending it to you. I love to see it or not, and I dont want to see it or pull it down.

I send it because I want to, I send it because I am happy, I send it for myself, to keep a miss, but there is nothing else.

How bitter are you then?