Why did Fan Weiqis people collapse so quickly?

 Why did Fan Weiqis people collapse so quickly?

Fan Weiqis defense of this incident is that she disclosed to the media recently that Liang Jingru may be married.

In August, the media reported that Liang Jingru was suspected of marrying.

Marriage is a personal affair of a person. Whatever the reason, if the parties are not ready to make it public, others should respect it.

There is vague hearing.

In this way, it seems that the news of Liang Jingrus divorce is true.

In the entertainment circle, besides Ye Xuans incomprehensibility, another incomprehensible one may be Fan Weiqi.

In recent years, Fan Weiqis actions are gradually depleting her pedestrian popularity.

As a result, the fall was serious and a big hole in the face was made.

From the photos of black people, its still shocking. The wound was large and 15 stitches were sewn.

Therefore, the matter of Fan Weiqis jaw sewing 15 stitches went on a hot search again.

But I didnt expect that, in such a sad drama, netizens did not buy it. In the microblog that reported that Fan Weiqi sewed 15 stitches, everyone responded as follows:

Those who let her shut up quickly won 50,000 praises; those who let doctors sew her mouth won nearly 40,000 praises; those who said they had done too much without virtue won nearly 30,000 praises.

The comment that deserves it won nearly 20,000 praises.

How bad Fan Weiqis popularity is can be seen. Want that year, first met Fan Weiqi, or because of the song Initial Dream, this song inspired many people, including me. In my impression, she is also a sunny, upward, full of vitality of the intellectual female singer.

Later, Fan Weiqis behavior became more and more incomprehensible.

He tears up with Zhang Shaohan, breaks up with Taiwans Seven Fairies boudoir, satirizes Xiaos, and cuts Liang Jingru behind her back...

Fan Weiqis various actions are really amazing.

Man cant set up hard concave, because man cant set up human nature. Over the years, there will always be a day of collapse for hard and concave people. On this point, we have seen a lot, such as: Wu Xiubo, Cecilia Cheung, articles... Today, plus Fan Weiqi. Some people say that Fan Weiqi is a psychic bitch and white lotus flower; some people say that Fan Weiqis character is questionable; others say that Fan Weiqi is hypocritical. Personality and morality are not the subjects of psychological discussion. From the psychological point of view, we are more concerned about the psychological mechanism behind the problem of personality than about the problem of personality. Fan Weiqi is no exception. The first minefield she stepped on was a blurred sense of boundaries. Border consciousness is a prerequisite for an adult to establish himself. The mark of a persons maturity is to have a clear boundary set up first. On this side of the border, its me and my content, that is, the ego begins to form within the boundary. On the other side of the border are others, relationships and the outside world. Therefore, border awareness is not only related to personal self-development, but also to the establishment of relations with others and the world. The relationship with others is the binary world, the relationship with the world, that is, the ternary world. If people do not adhere to boundaries, that is to say, they are constantly crossing boundaries, then they will lead to confusion in interpersonal relations. If there are no boundaries at all, or even confused, it will lead to a problem: retreat. To retreat to a unitary world means that I am you, you are me. This is usually very uncomfortable. This point, in Liang Jingrus divorce, Fan Weiqi exposed. Perhaps, Fan Weiqi still feels very wronged: Why do I have to be diss when I am not talking nonsense? Because: in this incident, when the parties are still denying divorce, Fan Weiqi, as an outsider, obviously has no room to put her beak on. No good friend is qualified to say that respecting the privacy of others is actually respecting their own boundaries. Thats why, on the day when Liang Jingru openly admitted her divorce, she tweeted late at night that she was not a big mouth. Because Fan Weiqi seems to think that if she does not lie, it is worth defending herself. Apparently, Fan Weiqi did not seem to understand. Its not a question of whether you lie or not, but what do you do when someone divorces? Thats why netizens sneer at her arguments. Is it naive or naive? This represents two kinds of problems. If it is naive, it is that psychological development is too primitive, which is a kind of problem. If it is false naivety, that is to say, the most obvious bad character, this is the second kind of problem: envy.

Envy is a feeling of anger: another person owns and enjoys something he wants, and the impulse to envy is to take it away or destroy it. Whats more, envy lies only in the relationship between the subject and someone.

Explain, that is, when another person besides me has or enjoys what I want, I want to take it away. However, many times, we cant take it away, because these things are likely to be invisible, such as reputation, trust, feelings and so on. So what should we do when we cant take it away? Destroy it. For example, Fan Weiqi always cuts and falls stones behind her friends, which is very typical. Fan Weiqi and Zhang Shaohans resentment lasted for ten years. At that time, Zhang Shaohan was very popular, as Fan Weiqi and Zhang Shaohan of the same company sympathize with their sisters.

Later, when Zhang Shaohan temporarily worked in Canada for medical reasons, his mother took the opportunity to transfer his property and spread all kinds of negative news such as drug abuse and misconduct in private life. Zhang Shaohans deductive career has thus come to a standstill. When Zhang Shaohans life was at a low ebb, Fan Weiqi looked on coldly and ignored him. He took the opportunity to dig out his broker and scoffed at him. Basically, when others are in a low ebb, Sichuan Opera Face Change is performed. There are sisters in front of you who love you so much that they dont hesitate to step on your foot as soon as they turn their heads. Front, refers to the time when Zhang Shaohan is red and purple. Turning around, it is when Zhang Shaohan encounters Waterloo. Your fame is what I want. When I was in Waterloo, I could not take away your fame (it was invisible), but I could step on you, that is to say, I could not take away your fame, but I could destroy it. In addition, you can take away tangible things you own, such as your broker.

Moreover, according to Kleins interpretation of envy, the feeling of envy exists not only in what others have, but also in the relationship between people. Fan Weiqi also exposed this point. She used to form a sisterhood with S and others. Later, Fan Weiqi jumped out to be interviewed by herself when four people, Size S, Aya and Fan Xiaoxuan, appeared in We Are True Friends. She probably means that I have a good relationship with them.

Then, I posted pictures of several people n years ago on my microblog. This self-talk behavior, across the screen, makes people feel too embarrassed. This is the typical relationship envy: other people have a good relationship, and I have to get involved. There was a feeling that I had a good relationship with them. Obviously, people with envy cant build long-term friendship. Therefore, Fan Weiqis friends are always new. This is the reason why Fan Weiqi was pushed out of the sistersgroup. She had to install innocent knives behind her friends, and fell into the ground when others were in a low ebb.

Fan Weiqi apparently lives in her own plot.

She has done a lot of very untimely acts, but on the one hand she has to show innocence.

That is to say, Fan Weiqis problems are not only boundary and envy.

But, somehow, she seems to have a sense of playfulness about her innocence.

The most terrible thing is not these problems, but the defense against them.

This sense of innocence, which is true and false, can be seen from Fan Weiqi, is a kind of defense.

Defend oneself from seeing oneself, with so many problems brought about by the self-impact.

Living in ones own plot, hurting others and being naive and ignorant is the most terrible thing.