About the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, an old sister made a generous statement and expressed her own feelings.

 About the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, an old sister made a generous statement and expressed her own feelings.

Looking at the comments in recent articles, I find that there are two main types of people who leave messages (very few people hold objective and honest opinions):

One is the teachers personality. Everything can tell the truth to her, but we dont know what they are in real life.

Really can only ha ha ha. Who has God really spared Lazarus for decades?

When you laugh at others, spray dung all over your mouth, and criticize others from the height of morality and wisdom, ask yourself, what is it about yourself? Even if some of you are successful now, what about ten or twenty years from now?

In a word, whether a person is easy or not, but it is difficult for a confidant to be short, and the most basic accomplishment of a woman depends on whether she retains the virtue in her mouth, whether she likes to say absolute words, whether she has the ability to control her own emotions, whether she can treat other peoples happiness, anger and sadness from an objective perspective.

If you cant do this, then its better to advise you to shut up and say less, otherwise it will damage your own virtue.

Just after reading the teachers article Daughter-in-law left a harsh sentence to me: The Revenge of the moon, this life will be rewarded! It really surprised me!

There are nearly a hundred comments below the article, and at least 80% of them are blaming the mother-in-law (I dont know how desperate she is after reading the comments?) !

It has to be said that women are really terrible nowadays. They are all fighters who can go to the battlefield and tear up the enemy with steel teeth.

A mother, at the strong request of her son and daughter-in-law, makes great personal sacrifices and retreats in advance. She comes to the unfamiliar field to help her grandson and serve her daughter-in-law and son-in-law. All her words and deeds are lessons learned from a past person, and they are only suggestions, but as a daughter-in-law of the younger generation, they are like this. In the face of a great enemy, even by death...

Faced with such a situation, a group of hateful women have to accuse the old people of slander and insult. How did social morality fall to such a level? To paraphrase the young people of today: its a waste of discipline! Old sister, I do not support the wall, obey you!

I recalled a remark that my old man and his cousin had said before:

Many women nowadays are really upside down. No sense of shame, no sense of shame, no big or small, no filial piety to the elderly, no child-rearing, only show off coquettish greed for pleasure, but also always ride on their own mans head shit... If such a trend continues to prevail, Chinas 5000-year civilization and traditional virtues will inevitably regret it.

I was very angry when I heard them say that. After his cousin left, I had a good discussion with the old man. But now it seems that I really didnt have a good look at the real world outside.

Its like every time my daughter has a little friction with her mother-in-law, I have to educate her when she comes back, and then she will say to me in a particularly grieving way: Im already a very good daughter-in-law like this! You dont want to see whos going too far, and what happened to her mother-in-law because of something trivial a while ago.

The world has really changed. We used to say that a daughter-in-law of thousands of years has become a mother-in-law, but now how can she become a mother-in-law and coax her daughter-in-law? Before her daughter-in-law enters the door, she must be the master of the family and the slave of her mother-in-law.

Not to mention that there are generations of dignity and inferiority between you, at least one must come first and then come? Why do people work hard to manage most of their lifes things will belong to you? Its up to you, or its up to you sooner or later, but you have to have an attitude? Or at least the old man will feel more comfortable if he spreads a trick?

But what are the daughters-in-law like? They always seem to be so well-founded and well-organized.

If you dont buy a house, you wont get married; if you dont help me with my children, I wont help you with your old age; if you do my first day today, Ill make you fifteen tomorrow; if you have your home, I have my home, two generations should not interfere with each other... Excuse me, when you shout to buy a house, why didnt you listen to your family and my family?

Many friends in the comments mentioned that she had a son herself. When the child grew up, she would let go of everything and go to live a life of freedom.

I want to say, I sincerely hope you can do it, never hit your mouth again. Especially when you have a cowardly son and a tough daughter-in-law like the one in the article, you should take this feeling for granted. After all, its easy to judge other peoples character!

In fact, at least 90% of Chinese people have the sense of inheritance, and even all people, including Western countries, have this sense.

No one can tolerate their painstaking entrepreneurship, was destroyed by a tough, knowledgeable woman. Knowing that what she did was harmful to her family, and that your son could not control her, and that your grandchildren and granddaughters would continue to be poisoned by her, would you really be able to sit idly by?

So, I think a lot of people still stand and talk without backache. Many things, without their own experience, do not know the depth, do not know the depth of the best not to mingle blindly.

Most of todays daughters-in-law will become tomorrows mothers-in-law. Not everyone can always be young, although old people have to learn to let go and withdraw, but it does not mean that there is no need for the most basic understanding and respect.

Nobody can tell people what they are wrong or what they are wrong with. But its hard to be a gentle and virtuous woman, because it comes from provincial practice and living a good life steadily.

In short, I think that no matter how the future world changes, those old ancestors summed up the principles of ethics still need to study and weigh! Saying one thing and doing another can only destroy people and themselves, destroy the whole family, and everything that should come will come.

There is also a particularly important link. Men who are husbands and sons should better reflect on themselves.

How dare you be so arrogant and rude to your mother if you dont teach her, dont be weak and dont lose her principles?

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