A letter to save my girlfriends affection?

 A letter to save my girlfriends affection?

For so many days, I have also thought about the problems between us in my lonely thoughts.

You do not like to talk, always quietly around me to pay so much for me, together, you have covered all the housework at home, and I come back from work every day only know to play games, forget your existence and pay, and always take it for granted to enjoy your pay, now I think, I am selfish, I really do not. There is a responsibility to be a good boyfriend, and you are not taken care of well.

Sorry, dumb, please forgive me for my selfishness and childishness. Now I realize my shortcomings. I will change my original thinking and inertia and try to be a hard worker in my life. I will let dumb people suffer a little from life. You are far away from housework. I cherish dumbness. Stupid, will you come back?

I remember the day you cried and said to me, the feelings between us are weak, there is no need to love any more, you said that there is no love between us. No, we are not foolish. There is no love between us. You love me, otherwise how could you cry so hard on the day you left me?

Please believe me too. I love you too. I always love you. I still remember clearly that our first meeting was a picture of your love and heartbeat. I still remember the joy in my heart when you promised to be my girlfriend. I remember even more that our first love was the warmth lingering in the air.

But later, the triviality of life gradually concealed our love. Like married couples, we lack romance for busy work. It is also because I do not understand romance that makes you lose confidence in this love.

Stupid, come back, lets go eat your favorite string together, watch the sunrise on the sea together, stay up till dawn to wait for the drama, and then you cant help sleeping in my arms; lets go traveling together, promise you to take you to Bali has not been realized, how can you bear to leave me?

We went to see a house and bought a house together. I promised you that you would give you a warm love nest. The decoration style is all at your will. We took risks together. You said you want to go to Tibet with me and enjoy the beauty of nature. Stupid, do you remember all this?

I remember the phrase in your favorite movie: Once there was a love, once there was a sincere love in front of me, I did not cherish it. When I lost it, I regretted it. There is nothing more painful than this in the world.

This time, I really feel this pain, silly, I want to save you, save the love between us, I also want to add a deadline in our love - for your love, endless!

Of course, I know, no matter how much I say, its not as convincing as the actual action. Watch me change for you. I will use action to save my girlfriend and my beloved stupidity.

To the love of my life - Benbenben

True love is stupid.