The Standard of Xu Jinjiangs Self-exploding Daughter-in-law: Love me like Xu Fei

 The Standard of Xu Jinjiangs Self-exploding Daughter-in-law: Love me like Xu Fei

In addition to the sensibility and loveliness, Xu Jinjiangs painting talent is also known to the public through the program. The program also specifically created a poster for the program. On the poster, Xu Jinjiang and Xu Fei walked hand in hand in the sands of the sky, and their artistic conception was very beautiful. In the interview, Xu Jinjiang also explained the original intention of the poster creation: As long as you are there, you will not be afraid of anything, and become the strength of each other, in order to go further.

Xu Fei yearns for parentslove and Xu Jinjiangs standard of self-exposed daughter-in-law

Xu Feis warm masculinity impressed netizens deeply. When Xu Jinjiang was not in good health, he went to sleep with him all night. He took good care of all the important and minor matters. He not only spoiled his father, but also cherished Xiao Wanzi, the only sister in the program. After the program was broadcast, Xu Fei was promoted to an ideal boyfriend. Under Xu Feis microblog, all the comments wanted to marry. Faced with the favor of netizens, Xu Fei was somewhat flattered, saying, I didnt expect everyone would like us so much, and frankly, I thank them very much, but now I still have to read well.

Xu Jinjiang and Yin Zhuping, as one of the representatives of flash marriage to harvest happiness, their love stories also affected their son Xu Fei: I really yearn for love stories like theirs. For his sons feelings, Xu Jinjiang is very open-minded: Figo flash marriage, I will not oppose, because the feelings will come when the block is also irresistible. When asked about the ideal model, Xu Jinjiang replaced Xu Feis standard of self-disclosure daughter-in-law, Love me like Xu Fei.

Father and son Qi talked about the family rules of Qihua. Xu Jinjiang denied paving the way for his son.

Xu Jinjiangs family rules for Xu Fei in the program make netizens lament that they are too strict. They must be greeted in the morning and reported for going out. They must go home before 12:00 p.m. instead of eating soybean milk and fried sticks and other food. They make mistakes and write short compositions. It is also stipulated that if Xu Fei fails in the art exam three times in a row, they will persuade him to give up. Xu said that when she was a child, she had the idea of rebellion. Now I will gradually understand my fathers intention, because he is really good for me. At the same time, Xu Jinjiang also showed his daughter slave attributes: Figo is home at 12 oclock, if it is a girl, it should be home at 8 oclock.

Xu Jinjiang directly denied that he had not thought about preparing Xu Fei for his sons entrance into the entertainment circle. Everything went according to circumstances. It also indicated that the original intention of participating in the program was to spend more time with his son.