Pudong Airport Shanghai East Railway Station Integration to form a transport hub

 Pudong Airport Shanghai East Railway Station Integration to form a transport hub

On September 16, the worlds largest single satellite office and the worlds first airport air-side MRT system with urban rail transit wheel and rail system will be officially launched.

MRT Station Distribution, Map/Shanghai Issued

According to the introduction, the train carriage of the MRT system is a type A car with the largest passenger capacity at present, with four groups, two domestic and international carriages, the highest speed of the train is 80 kilometers per hour, the fastest one-way journey is 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and the workshop interval is less than 5 minutes.

MRT Train, Tu/Shanghai Issued

So, what is the role of this MRT system in the third phase of Shanghai Pudong Airport?

Reporters learned that the MRT system is divided into East and West lines, each line is a two-way operation mode. Passengers can travel to and from the terminal and satellite hall through the MRT system. The fastest one-way journey can be completed in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which will greatly facilitate passengersflight experience.

Constructing Two International Transport Hubs

At the meeting, Xie Feng, director of the Shanghai Transport Commission, also said that the future construction of Shanghais aviation hub will be dominated by four aspects: serving Shanghais five centers and excellent global urban construction, building free trade pilot zones and new areas, national strategy for integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, and strategy for transportation and civil aviation powers. Task.

To this end, Xie Feng pointed out at the press conference that in order to consolidate and enhance the status of the Asia-Pacific international aviation hub port, Shanghai will focus on leading the planning, infrastructure, service upgrading and other areas, and promote the construction of various aspects of the international aviation hub port.

Reporters noted that in the future, Shanghai plans to combine Shanghai East Railway Station with Pudong Airport to form a Pudong integrated transport hub, build a world-class integrated transport hub with high standards, integration and full integration, and form two major international hubs in Shanghai together with Hongqiao integrated transport hub.

In terms of accelerating infrastructure construction, it is emphasized that the second phase of Shanghai-Tong Railway, Shanghai-Suhu Railway and Shanghai-Chahao-Hangzhou Railway will be accelerated in conjunction with the planning of Pudong Comprehensive Transport Hub, and a rapid collection and distribution system will be built to connect Shanghai with cities in the Yangtze River Delta region.

In addition, the key tasks also point out that we should vigorously develop international transport, build a global air transport network, and promote the construction of Shanghais main international aviation hub with Pudong and Hongqiao as the core, and cooperate with Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Nantong and Ningbo airports to build airport clusters in the Yangtze River Delta.

On September 9, Zeng Gang, Dean of the Institute of Urban Development, East China Normal University, said in an interview with reporters of economic reports in the 21st century that under the background of globalization, airports are playing an increasingly important role in urban and regional development. Throughout the worlds major international metropolises, there are more than one important aviation hub. In a sense, in order to build an outstanding global city, it is also necessary for Shanghai to build two international aviation hubs on both East and West sides.

Another important reason is that Pudong Airport has more land and other development advantages than Hongqiao Airport. Zeng Gang told reporters that under the current policy of the new zone of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the nearby Pudong Comprehensive Transport Hub will also play an important role in promoting the construction and development of the new zone of Shanghai Free Trade Zone in the future.