This group, Xi Jinping has been thinking about it all the time.

 This group, Xi Jinping has been thinking about it all the time.

Respecting Teachers and Respecting Teachers Teachers Cultivate Us

In recent years, General Secretary Xi Jinping has walked into the campus many times to have a cordial conversation with the teachers, and sent letters or instructions several times to express his respect and concern. Words and deeds, words and lines, full of his concern for teachers, the importance of education.

There are many teachers who have taught me, so far I can remember what they look like. They have taught me knowledge and the truth of being a human being, and they have benefited me immensely. On September 9, 2014, Xi Jinping held a discussion with representatives of teachers and students of Beijing Normal University.

On September 9, 2016, Xi Jinping returned to his alma mater, Beijing Bayi School, where he spent his primary and junior middle school years. During the days inspection, Xi Jinping shook hands with Chen Zhonghan and Chen Qiuying, and recalled the past happily. He said that I was very happy to see all the teachers in such good spirits. Teachers were very strict with us at that time. Now, in retrospect, they have benefited all their lives.

A teacher said to the general secretary, You have brought happiness to the people. Xi Jinping answered, Teachers have trained us.

Time is like a white foal, when the teachers, green silk into Chinese hair, always unchanged, is a strong friendship between teachers and students.

Teachers, as a group, often move Xi Jinping. He wrote back to eight old professors of the Central Academy of Fine Arts: in your early years, you have not changed your mind, but you are still concerned about the cultivation of successors of the motherland. In particular, Comrade Zhou Lingzhao and other comrades are still pursuing the development of aesthetic education and the cause of fine arts at the age of nearly 100. I am deeply moved by their enthusiasm.

Moved by their diligent pursuit, sincere repayment of the country. In May 2017, Xi Jinping gave important instructions to Professor Huang Danian of Jilin University on his advanced deeds: Comrade Huang Danian upholds the ideal of serving the country through science and technology, regards his contribution to the prosperity and strength of the motherland, the rejuvenation of the nation and the happiness of the people as his lifelong pursuit, and has made outstanding contributions to Chinas educational and scientific research undertakings. His advanced deeds are touching.

Moved by their roots at the grass-roots level, selfless dedication. Comrade Li Baoguo, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Hebei Agricultural University, has been pursuing ecological management in Taihang Mountains and the peoples struggle to get rid of poverty and prosperity for 35 years. He has made 1.4 million mu of barren hills green and led 100,000 farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. Comrade Li Baoguo can be regarded as a model for Communists in the new era, an excellent representative of intellectuals and a new Yu Gong on Mount Taihang, Xi said.

They are touched by their great love and hard work. I have seen many excellent teachersdeeds. Many teachers forget themselves and devote their whole life to students. Some teachers use their limited salaries to support poor students and fear that students will drop out of school. Some teachers use their income to buy teaching equipment. Some teachers carry their students to school and lead them to study. Some teachers hold on to their posts with their handicapped bodies. Many stories are touching and tearful. This is the love of the world. Xi Jinping said in a talk with representatives of teachers and students of Beijing Normal University.

Moved with respect, full of expectations.

I hope that you will continue to base your efforts on strengthening agriculture and promoting agriculture, bring out more scientific and technological achievements, train more new talents who know agriculture and love agriculture, and promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, ensure national food security, improve the living standards and ideological and moral qualities of hundreds of millions of farmers, and promote the management of landscape, forestry, lake and grass systems. We will continue to make new and greater contributions to win the battle against poverty and promote the overall revitalization of the countryside. On September 5, 2019, Xi Jinping wrote back to the secretary, president and expert representatives of agricultural universities in China.

It is hoped that the majority of teachers will learn to be teachers, behave like models, be guides and guides for the healthy growth of students and strive to be the pioneers of educational reform, the pioneers of poverty alleviation, and the guides for the growth of students.

I hope that more and more young people will take you as an example, go to the grass-roots level and the people to make contributions, let the flower of youth blossom in the place where the motherland needs most, and write a wonderful life in the great practice of realizing the Chinese dream. Xi Jinping emphasized in his reply letter to the representative of the group of graduates supporting education in the west of Hebei Baoding University.


Thanksgiving, touching and expecting, respecting teachers and emphasizing teaching, leap on paper.

Li De Shuren Good Teacher is the Hope of the Nation

Teachers are the inheritors of human civilization, carrying the epochal task of disseminating knowledge, ideas, truth, soul and new people.

Xi Jinping pointed out during his visit to Beijing Bayi School that it is lucky for a person to meet a good teacher, that it is a glory for a school to have a good teacher, and that it is the hope of the nation that a group of good teachers emerge one after another.

What kind of teacher is a good teacher?

Xi Jinping pointed out in his discussion with the representatives of teachers and students of Beijing Normal University that a good teacher should have a nation and a clear awareness of the national mission and social responsibility he shoulders. On May 2, 2018, Xi Jinping pointed out at the teacher-student Symposium of Peking University that teachers should be guided to combine teaching with educating people and self-cultivation so as to establish themselves by virtue, learn by virtue and teach by virtue.

That is to say, a good teacher should first have teachers morality. He should have firm ideals and beliefs, noble moral sentiments and good self-cultivation.

A good teacher should also have teachers knowledge with solid knowledge and broad vision. On September 9, 2013, Xi Jinping sent a letter of condolence to the teachers all over the country, pointing out that we should firmly establish the concept of lifelong learning, strengthen learning, broaden our horizons, renew knowledge, continuously improve professional ability and quality of education and teaching, and strive to become high-quality teachers with excellent professional skills and studentsfavorite. Teachers have been called wise men since ancient times. A good teacher should also be a wise teacher, who has the wisdom of learning, dealing with the world, living and educating people. He can teach people not only fish, but also fish. He can help and guide students in all aspects. Xi Jinping said during a discussion with representatives of teachers and students of Beijing Normal University.

Education is a kind and loving cause. Therefore, a good teacher should have a kind teachers heart. Xi Jinping pointed out in his discussion with the representatives of teachers and students of Beijing Normal University that a good teacher should cultivate love, stimulate love and spread love with love. He should close the distance between students and nourish their hearts and make himself a good friend and intimate person of students through true feelings, sincerity and sincerity. He also emphasized that a good teacher should understand that when he chooses to be a teacher, he chooses responsibility. He should fulfill his responsibility of teaching and educating people and cultivating morality. He also embodies this responsibility in ordinary, ordinary and subtle teaching management.

It is essential for a good teacher to cultivate morality, knowledge and heart.

Care for Make Teachers the Most Respected Occupation in Society

Teachers have made great contributions to national development and national revitalization.

National generals will thrive, and their teachers will be valued. On September 9, 2013, Xi Jinping sent a letter of condolence to the teachers all over the country, pointing out that the whole society should vigorously promote the good custom of respecting teachers and respecting education so as to make teachers the most respected profession in society.

Xi Jinping has always been very concerned about the vital interests of teachers and their sense of acquisition. On September 10, 2018, Xi Jinping emphasized at the National Education Conference that with the continuous improvement of school-running conditions, the investment in education should be more inclined to teachers, and the treatment of teachers should be continuously improved, so that the majority of teachers can safely and enthusiastically follow teaching.

Since the Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC, the CPC Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, has formulated and promulgated a series of policy documents to put into effect the concern for teachers.

In June 2015, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued a policy document Rural Teachers Support Plan (2015-2020), which specifically aims at the construction of rural teachers, to solve the worries of rural teachers. In January 2018, the Opinions of the State Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Comprehensive Deepening of the Reform of TeachersTeam Construction in the New Era was issued, and specific measures were put forward to continuously improve the professional quality and ability of teachers and to continuously improve the status and treatment of teachers. In August 2018, the General Office of the State Council issued Opinions on Further Adjusting and Optimizing the Structure to Improve the Benefit of Educational Funds, emphasizing the need to constantly improve the level of guarantee for the construction of teachers, improve the long-term linkage mechanism for the salary of primary and secondary school teachers, and ensure that the average salary level of primary and secondary school teachers is not lower or higher than that of local civil servants. The average wage income level, strive to use three years to solve the compulsory education stage of teacherswages and benefits. Overall planning should be carried forward in a solid way.

To solve the problems existing in the educational circles, Xi Jinping believes that we must deepen the reform. Xi Jinping emphasized in his talks with representatives of teachers and students of Beijing Normal University that we should strengthen the construction of teacher education system, increase support for teacherscolleges, identify the main problems in teacher education, seek breakthroughs and focus for deepening teacher education reform, and continuously improve the quality of teacher training.

At the National Education Congress, Xi Jinping pointed out that we should deepen the reform of the educational system, improve the implementation mechanism of moral education, reverse the unscientific orientation of educational evaluation, resolutely overcome the persistent illness of only fraction, only promotion, only diploma, only thesis and only hat, and fundamentally solve the problem of the baton of educational evaluation. We should deepen the reform of school-running system and education management, and fully stimulate the vitality of the development of education.

With ardent care and deep entrustment, Xi Jinping is sincere about the special group of teachers.