The Speaker of the House of Commons resigned and warned the Johnson Administration not to dwarf Parliament

 The Speaker of the House of Commons resigned and warned the Johnson Administration not to dwarf Parliament

Burkes thunderous order! Order! (Order! Order!) Calls, known for their harsh criticism of misbehaved MPs. However, since the Johnson Administration took office, Burke has become the object of criticism by the Johnson Administration. Burke was accused of violating the rules and laissez-faire MPs forcing Britain to postponeleaving Europe.

In his speech announcing his resignation plan, Burke looked at a row of benches where the government minister was sitting and warned the government that if we dwarf parliament, we will be in danger.

Many members of Parliament stood up to applaud Burke, who had decided to resign, especially members of the opposition party. Labour MP Hilary Benn said Burke would be remembered as the greatest reformist speaker in history. Hillary Benn said that every decision Berko made was to enable the House of Commons to fully debate and understand the issues.

Just a day ago, Andrea Leadsom, the Johnson administrations commerce minister, criticized Burke for providing lawmakers with the opportunity to oppose the government by calling it a blatant abuse of the proceedings.

According to reports, Burke has served as Speaker since 2009. Guardian reported on the 9th that Burke was a staunch conservative, but now has become the darling of the Labour Party. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Burkes views on social issues have become more and more liberal. In 2002, he married Sally Illman, a member of the Labour Party. In the same year, he withdrew from the Conservative front bench, where the leaders of the two major political parties were seated, for supporting Labours adoption plan for unmarried partners. In 2009, Berko was elected Speaker in the House of Commons and withdrew from the Conservative Party because of the need for a stateless Speaker. Soon after, he was criticized by the Conservatives for being biased against the Conservatives. Since 2015, he has continued to serve as Speaker with the support of the Labour Party.

According to reports, the position of Speaker was originally a neutral role, responsible for ensuring the manner of parliamentarians in parliamentary debates. But since Johnson and his predecessor, Teresa May, failed to pass the de-Europe bill in Parliament, the power of the Speaker has been highlighted. Reuters pointed out that in Britain, a parliamentary country with no written constitution or parliamentary provisions, the Speaker has the power to explain the rules that the government used to dominate the parliamentary agenda.

On Monday, John Bercow, the speaker of the House of Commons, announced that he would resign by October 31. Since the British referendum decided to leave Europe, there have been many heated debates in the House of Commons between different parties. Whenever the situation is about to get out of control, Berkau always shouts order! (silence)! Come out to control the scene.