Hong Kong parentsschool gate straight mob: I do not understand politics but justice

 Hong Kong parentsschool gate straight mob: I do not understand politics but justice

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Hong Kong parents school gate straight mob: I do not understand politics, but understand justice (source: Netease video)

According to Hong Kong media reports on September 5, rioters recently launched a so-called human chain campaign at the gate of Hong Kong schools to incite students to strike. Some parents worry about their childrens safety, spontaneously guard their children at the school gate, and condemn the mob for bringing politics into the school, poisoning the next generation. Some parents said that they did not understand politics but justice. Why did they automatically become a political tool?

Lin Zheng-yue-e reprimanded the thugs for destroying the MTR: they could not destroy the MTR wantonly without life

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Lin Zheng Yue-e, met with reporters before attending the Executive Council this morning (10). In her interview with the media, Lin described the recent crazy destruction of Hong Kong Railway by thugs. She reiterated that railways and airports are the lifeblood of Hong Kong. She called on the violent people to stop using violence and they cant destroy it because there is no life.

Hong Kongs young children are indoctrinated with the idea that the police are bad guys. Hong Kong media: Whats wrong with young children?

BEIJING, Sept. 10 (CNN) -- Hong Kongs rioters have been mobilizing politically on campus for days to incite students to give up their studies and take to the streets, with younger participants, Hong Kong media reported. A child dressed in mob equipment appeared at the scene of the Central Conflict on the 8th. Recently, there is even more suspicion that interviewing teachers instill hate police prejudice into 5-year-old children.