A woman in Hangzhou, Lao Lai, was detained for committing suicide after defrauding 6 million people.

 A woman in Hangzhou, Lao Lai, was detained for committing suicide after defrauding 6 million people.

The sales manager of a company in Hangzhou committed suicide after more than 6 million yuan of a fraud company by Song Mou. He also asked his brother to inform the general manager of the company... Peng Mei News learned from the Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone on September 10 that Song Mou was in fact a false death and was arrested by the police. At present, he has been detained for suspected fraud.

On the morning of June 20, Weng Momou, general manager of a company in Hangzhou, came to the Baiyang police station of Jingkai Public Security Branch in Hangzhou to give an alarm. He said that from January 2017 to June 2019, the sales manager of the company, Song Momou, defrauded the company of more than 6 million yuan by paying margin and service fee. He received Song Momou himself a few days ago.u201c Brother telephone, said that Song suicide taking sleeping pills.

After receiving the police, Yang Jinhu, a police officer in Baiyang Police Station, found through investigation that Song Mou was actually a Lao Lai who was blacklisted by the court. He had no property under his name and a pair of children to support.

A Lao Lai who has children also chooses to commit suicide and at the same time lets his family call the deceived company. These unreasonable phenomena make Yang Jinhu decide that Song Moumou should be a false death. Subsequently, according to relevant technical means, the police determined the whereabouts of Song Moumou, and arrested him in a residential district in Ningbo on the 25th of the same month.

According to investigation, in January 2017, Song Momou acted as an external salesperson of a reporting company in Hangzhou. After gaining the trust of her colleagues, she lied that she could extend the companys business to Nantong, Jiangsu Province. After that, she pretended to negotiate with a company in Nantong, and forged the official seal and documents of the company, so that the company she worked for believed that it had established a cooperative relationship with the company in Nantong. From March 2017 to June 2019, Mr. Song defrauded his company of more than 6 million yuan for paying deposit and winning service fee.

On June 18 this year, the head of the company personally negotiated with the head of Nantong Company, and found that all the cooperation relations were forged by Song Mou-mou. The person in charge of the company then contacted Song Mou to ask for the account and saw that the matter was revealed. Song Mou directed the suicide. The person in charge of the company then called the police.

After Song Mou was caught, he claimed that all the accounts had been in deficit. Because she had been a Lao Lai before, she had no money under her name. In the subsequent case investigation, Yang Jinhu, a police officer, went to Ningbo, Sanmen, Nantong and Shenzhen for many times to collect evidence, and found that the case had a long time span. A certain fraud of Song Mou accumulated ten times. The funds involved 12 banks and 21 bank cards. Because of her Lao Lai identity, these accounts were not herself, so the funds flowed into the investigation. Its more difficult.

Civilian police Yang Jinhu is inquiring about file information

Through a detailed analysis of tens of thousands of funds, Yang Jinhu found that the account of a sister of Song had been transferred several times during March 2018, marked as a housing fund of a residential district in Ningbo, and the place where Song was caught was the residential district. Through in-depth investigation, it was found that Huang Xiaoyan, a fraudulent account of Song, had purchased a real estate of the residential district and bought it. The decoration was carried out. At present, the property has been seized, with a Preliminary Valuation of more than 4.5 million yuan.