Encouraging deaf-mute girls to block Ma Huatengs gate, these people are out of water.

 Encouraging deaf-mute girls to block Ma Huatengs gate, these people are out of water.

Behavioral ugliness, bragging, celebrity fever.

Speech shouted patriotism and unity.

If a person is set up, he will shape himself into a person who is disabled but ambitious.

The deaf-mute girl named Zhang Ruolan waited for 21 days at Weixin headquarters in order to meet Xiaolong Zhang.

For 21 days, she slept in a bench and a cafe.

Wash your feet in a roadside sink. It even broke down and cried.

Why did Zhang Xiaolong not want to see such a poor and pious deaf-mute girl?

Originally, the girl had a sudden fantasy and conceived a generation of Wechat-Aixin in her book.

According to her idea, the biggest feature of Aixin compared with Wechat is the introduction of the concept of DNA.

During these 21 days, Tencents security eldest brother rained to hold an umbrella for her, sent her water in the hot weather, and urged her to turn back quickly by writing.

During this period, many people in the vicinity of Wechat couldnt look down and sent her water and meals.

However, the little girl did not want to go back. She recorded a deaf-mute video for Zhang Xiaolong every three or five times.

Also tell Zhang Xiaolong: I am a deaf-mute AI entrepreneur waiting for you.

Anyway, whether youre afraid or not, if Im Xiaolong Zhang, someone is blocking me like this, Im sure my back is cold.

On the 22nd day, the girl finally realized that it was not natural for Xiaolong Zhang to catch the thieves first, the king first, and Ma Huateng.

So she gathered up her bag and turned to Tencent Building in Shenzhen.

In fact, the girl is looking for more people than the Tencent department, as well as Ma Yun, Robin Li, Zhang Yiming and Ren Zhengfei.

According to the girls idea:

In the future, Tencent, Ali, Baidu and headline systems will not exist, and some will only have Chinese departments.

The Chinese people should unite to fight against the Western powers, so that we can no longer split up and be no longer confused by money.

So, work with me, and youll all be directors in the future.

(Tencent) Ma Huateng: Director of New Product Development

(Tencent) Zhang Xiaolong: Product Manager

(Ali) Ma Yun: Director of Public Relations

(Baidu) Robin Li: R & D director of AI

Wang Xing: Group Purchase Director

Zhang Yiming: Director of News Short Video

(Jinshan/Xiaomi) Lei Jun: Director of Safety

(Huawei) Ren Zhengfei: Director of Mobile Phone Research and Development

Look at this plan, because the group has done group buying, so Wang Xing is the group buying director.

In other words, the worlds largest game company, is not Tencent?

Likewise, there is safety hanging on the mouth every day. Isnt it Zhou Hongyi, 360?

What is this and what?

On the 24th day of her squatting, someone saw her micro-blog saying she had stomachache, so she drove her to the hospital to see a doctor.

But as soon as the car arrived at the hospital, the driver ran away.

The girl fixed her eyes on it. The driver had sent her to a psychiatric hospital.

She suspected that the price of the hospital was too expensive. She also popped out the picture of the doctor who wanted to give her a refund and was chased for comment.

A 20-year-old girl, self-abuse, blocking doors, live broadcasting, playing deaf and dumb cards, if excluding mental illness, that can only say:

Or naive.

Zhang Ruolans resume was quickly picked up by netizens.

For more than a year, she has done live broadcasting, self-media, block chains, and is now AI smart social networking.

Anyway, whatever fire comes.

When she was the anchor, the little girl did a good job, donating 610,000 yuan.

Then she devoted herself to hardware manufacturing and developed a sign language translation glove.

However, as you all know, Tencent has long been able to achieve similar functions through software algorithms.

Later, she threw herself into the sign language block chain. (I dont quite understand what it is.)

Until July 21 this year, Zhang Ruolan was haggard on his micro-blog and sobbed that he had run out of money to be an anchor and didnt know what to do.

Deaf-mute girl

Two years of entrepreneurship

lose all the capital invested

Seeing this, I finally understand why someone sent her to a psychiatric hospital at their own expense.

So what made the girl decide to go south alone in search of Xiaolong Zhang?

Of course, it is the encouragement of the vast number of enthusiastic netizens.

Zhang Ruolan wanted to see Zhang Xiaolongs micro-blog, the style of the uniform refueling.

Later, the girl said she wanted to go to Guangzhou to blog under Zhang Xiaolongs microblog, and the reviews were still uniform refueling.

And its: theyre worth billions of dollars. Why should they be your supervisor? But I still want to say, Come on, Jolan.

Knowing that there was no possibility, she encouraged the girl to hit the wall.

What is bad? Thats bad.

Why dont you lie on the bench of Wechat Headquarters for 21 days?

You know how sultry Guangzhou is now, after all, its not your mother who is distressed.

Someone may say: Does the girl have no right to see Xiaolong Zhang? Cant we all support her?

Please note that it is her right to see whom the girl wants to see. On the other hand, Zhang Xiaolong has the right not to see her.

Do netizens need to be responsible for their so-called support?

No, No.

Thats not support at all. Its encouragement.

Those who have seen Let the Bullets Fly will surely be impressed by the scene in which Xiaoliu was falsely accused of eating two bowls of powder.

He decided to have a caesarean section to prove his innocence.

But the onlookers are encouraging Xiaoliu: Sixth Master is too brave, and insert a little deeper, let them see how many bowls it is!

Little Six endured the pain, pulled out a bowl of rice flour, and died. Seeing this, the bad guys didnt get the punishment they deserved, and the onlookers dispersed.

It is enough to have a life and a result.

This is the true portrayal of the Internet.

I dare not easily conclude whether the deaf-mute girl is really crazy or hype.

But I know that the netizens who cheer up under her microblog are absolutely indelible.

The anchor plays with the public opinion, and the public opinion pushes the anchor.

Source: IT Home Responsible Editor: Yao Liwei_NT6056