Wang Junkai is using Vlog artifacts, and OPPO Reno 2 became the black horse of Septembers new plane.

 Wang Junkai is using Vlog artifacts, and OPPO Reno 2 became the black horse of Septembers new plane.

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Wang Junkai is using Vlog artifacts, and OPPOReno2 became the black horse of the new machine in September.

When the configuration competition is coming to an end, manufacturers tend to converge to different levels, and put their focus back on the product level, the products in this period are often the most eye-catching. In September, we can see new product launches by major manufacturers of Apple, Sony, Huawei and Millet. Some of these products praise taking photos, some of the main games are feverish, and others welcome 5G.

For OPPO, Video is the soul of Reno2.

Earlier, platforms such as Dali Dali and Jitter launched various Vlog support schemes, bringing tens of billions of traffic exposures to video bloggers. But in the platforms reward and support, Vlog still has no large-scale rise. The reason lies in the low number of Vlog participants in China and the high content threshold.

The well-known Vlog bloggers generally agree that compared with the traditional text and picture media, video communication requires not only beautiful pictures, but also a certain ability of editing bloggers, at the same time, the way of telling stories should also be understood. What OPPOReno2 is doing is to solve this shooting threshold problem.

For wonderful video pictures, the shaking lens is undoubtedly an unacceptable flaw, and individual users can not match the heavy professional video equipment like the theatre team. In view of this, OPPOReno2 carries Ultra Steady video super-shake-proof technology, namely HIS hybrid shake-proof technology. By integrating the advantages of OIS optical shake-proof and EIS electronic shake-proof, users can also take a cloud-platform stable picture on mobile phones.

In the video contrast, we can find that the pictures taken by other mobile phones will tremble violently, and the center of the picture will deviate constantly, which interferes with the viewers viewing of the main body of the picture. And OPPOReno2, which has a super anti-shake video, shows visible fluidity to the naked eye, and the overall look and feel of the picture is much better.

At the same time, as an important part of the image, audio is also a major upgrade of OPPOReno2. With the addition of 3mic function and 3D recording function, the creators audio can achieve a complete 360-degree surround sound field playback effect, which can also effectively counteract the wind noise and make the characters voice clearer and more stereo.

In Wang Junkais Vlog, we can see that OPPOReno2s video shake-proof and 3-microphone radio noise reduction effect is quite remarkable, using mobile phones to record life, hand-held shooting can still create exquisite video.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that OPPOReno2 has also developed a new video clip APP - Soloop, Intelligent Combination Clip, Intelligent Music, Intelligent Transition, a variety of templates, random recording, one-click film. Let Vlog enthusiasts in the professional and complex editing software, still can easily complete short film creation.

While pursuing video acme, OPPOReno2 has no shortboard in hardware configuration.

It will be equipped with high-pass Luanlong 730G processor, built-in 4000 mAh battery, 8GBRAM and 128GB combination mode, equipped with USB Type-C interface, will support VOOC 3.0 flash charging, the carriers endurance is questionable. At the same time, Gameboost 2.0 Game Acceleration and LinkBook Network Acceleration can also bring better game experience for game enthusiasts.

Instead of avoiding major vendorsannouncements, including the new version of the iPhone, OPPO is facing a positive challenge to Qunxiong in September. OPPO is confident about its main video phone. The current and foreseeable future is the convergence of mobile phone manufacturersmainstream configuration. Performance is no longer the outlet, fast filling is everybodys, and the stack of three photos and four photos is difficult to make people feel fresh again. When users return to the product itself and find something unique, oppoReno2 may be the black horse?

The new OPPOReno2, which upgrades the image strength, may achieve the goal of freeing users from the constraints of devices and truly enjoying the video creation process. Just as Wang Junkai said in Vlog, Mobile phone is really a very simple and convenient tool for creation. Everyone takes it to record small moments in life and share the world in your eyes and mine.

As a video phone, OPPOReno2 can be said to have achieved people have me, people have no me, its excellent image shake, as well as comprehensive performance improvements, may open a new outlet for video phones.

Source: Liable Editor of Netease Technology Channel: Yao Liwei_NT6056