Ma Yun officially resigned: half of his life is still a teacher Ma

 Ma Yun officially resigned: half of his life is still a teacher Ma

Ma Yun has been earnestly preparing for this decision for six years.

In 2013, Ma Yun announced that he had resigned as CEO of Alibaba Group and planned ahead of time for his future. On Teachers Day, September 10, 2018, Ma Yun announced that he would officially resign as chairman of Alibabas board of directors one year ahead of schedule on Teachers Day in 2019. After a years transition period, Zhang Yong did not let Ma Yun disappoint like Lu Zhaoxi before, and finally held Alibabas stick in his hand today. ?

Today is Ma Yuns 55th birthday, and Ma Yuns resignation at the same time, is Ma Yun Zhenger Bajing in the job relationship with Alibaba cutting.

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In addition to resigning the president of Alibaba Group, CEO of Alibaba Group and Chairman of Alibaba Group Board in succession in these years, he has also made frequent changes in the business registration information of enterprises under his name.

After stepping down as the legal representative and chairman of Zhejiang Alibaba Microfinance Co., Ltd., there are only two companies as legal persons under Ma Yuns name and three companies as senior managers. Earlier, Ma Yun had served as a legal person, director and executive in dozens of companies.

On Teachers Day in 2019, Ma Yuns 55th birthday and the 20th anniversary of Alibabas founding, Ma Yun left office as chairman of the board of directors, and returned half his life as a teacher Ma. In his open letter, Ma Yun clearly expressed his idea that he would return to the field of education.

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Like his beloved Taiji, Ma Yuns preached resignation does not seem to be muddy but has caused a lasting impact in the industry, because he left behind a business ecosystem with a total market value of more than $460 billion. ?

Ma Yuns story will not come to an end with his resignation from Alibaba, which is more about Ma Yuns new dream to set sail again. After all, 55 years old is still young in the global business ecosystem.

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Nowadays, the new noble of social e-commerce such as Pingduo, gathering and Beidan are rising. Under the banner of social e-commerce, vertical e-commerce and outside the Fifth Ring Road, a large number of emerging e-commerce platforms are eagerly trying. Although Taobao and Tianmao have always been the number one in the e-commerce industry, Alibaba Group has been focusing on distribution for many years. The bureaus diversified ecological Empire also faces many challenges. Without Ma Yun as the leader, Alibaba can not relax in the next 20 years. ?

Therefore, although Ma Yun chose to switch to another track, Alis expedition road obviously can never stop. Alibaba still has a long way to go in the post-Ma Yun era.


Yu Bin (Internet Analyst)

Source: Wang Xiaowu_NF, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper