U.S. troops will be redeployed after withdrawing from the Sade system in Romania

 U.S. troops will be redeployed after withdrawing from the Sade system in Romania

[Global Network Military Report] According to the US Defense Blog website on September 9, the US Armys 10th Air Missile Defense Command released news that the US has redeployed its Sad anti-missile defense system from Romania to Germany and the United States.

Reported that after providing support for NATOs ballistic missile defense mission, the United States withdrew the Sad missile system from Romania. The system was deployed to Romania in April 2019 and integrated into the framework of NATOs ballistic missile defense system. Now the United States has regained control of the Sad system and withdrawn the equipment from Romania.

Reported that the withdrawal of the Sad system from Romania is part of the regular updates of all U.S. missile defense systems. The Sad system, previously deployed in Romania, aims to protect NATO allies and US forces deployed in Europe from the growing threat posed by ballistic missile proliferation outside Europe and the Atlantic.

The U.S. Armys 10th Air Missile Defense Command conducted a mission command for the deployment of the Sad missile. The task force also included the U.S. Armys 174th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, the Ohio Army National Guard, the 164 Air Defense Missile Brigade, the Florida Army National Guard, and the 69th Air Defense Missile Brigade, and the 38th Air Defense Brigade. Air Defense Missile Brigade, 173 Airborne Brigade, 7th Army Training Command, 15th Signal Brigade, 18th Airborne Corps, 66th Military Intelligence Brigade, and part of the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.

Allegedly, the withdrawal of the missile is the longest ground transportation of the Sad missile system outside the continental United States so far, demonstrating the ability of the United States military to move important equipment rapidly in the international arena.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026