The US Navys nuclear submarine, Olympia, is about to retire after its global deployment

 The US Navys nuclear submarine, Olympia, is about to retire after its global deployment

[Global Network Military Reporting Internship Reporter Li Liang] According to the Defense Blog website on September 9, the U.S. Navy announced on September 8 that a Los Angeles-class attack nuclear submarine, SSN-717, had returned to Pearl Harbor after its global deployment. Reported that the Olympia has been deployed for seven months to support the maritime security operations of the United States and its allies and partners and ensure high-level combat capability in the era of competition among big powers.

During its deployment, the USS Olympia attacked nuclear submarines and made port visits to the Gulf of Suda, Greece and Gibraltar. During his visit to Gibraltar, a group of members of the British Parliament visited the Olympia and the Royal Navy Trafalgar Attack Nuclear Submarine HMS Talent sent its crew to play rugby, football and volleyball friendly matches with the crew of the Olympia. During its visit to the Gulf of Suda, the Olympia carried out a weapon loading to verify its combat capability.

Reported that the completion of the deployment of the Western Pacific is the Olympia attack nuclear submarine to Brammerton, Washington, for the last deployment before retirement. The global voyage of Olympia began on Oahu Island, Hawaii, and in seven months passed through the Panama Canal, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Suez Canal.

Olympia is the 29th Los Angeles class attack nuclear submarine. The ship began to lay keel on 31 March 1981 and began to serve on 17 November 1984. It has been in service for 35 years.

Source: Global Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026