Less than 10 days after the draft agreement with the Taliban was reached, the United States abruptly repented.

 Less than 10 days after the draft agreement with the Taliban was reached, the United States abruptly repented.

ABSTRACT: The sudden reversal of the US governments position in the negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan not only reveals that the US does not have a complete and unified strategy on the Afghanistan issue at present, but also once again demonstrates to the outside world the truth of the repeated and credible persistent position of the US government on major international issues. Face.

President Trump. (Image source: Reuters)

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, US President Trump said on the 9th local time that the earlier agreement between the US government and the Taliban in Afghanistan was dead and that negotiations between the US government and the Taliban would also be suspended.

On the 7th, Trung announced on Twitter that he had cancelled the secret talks between the US and Taliban leaders scheduled to take place at Camp David on the 9th, because the Taliban still committed terrorist attacks in Afghanistan during peace talks with the United States, which resulted in the death of an American soldier. Earlier this month, the United States and the Taliban reached a draft peace agreement defining the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, ending the longest war in U.S. history.

Although it is not clear whether the U.S. side will stop negotiating with the Taliban or just suspend the process of dialogue with the Taliban, whether it is the Camp David secret meeting that shocked the Americans or the situation that has gone downhill in just a few days, it is the U.S. governments anarchic Afro. A footnote to Khans strategy.

In fact, Trumps reasons for calling a halt to peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan are far-fetched. Trump cancelled Camp Davids secret meeting on the grounds of US military casualties during the negotiations and announced that the peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan had been dead. However, in the past few months, the Taliban have never stopped making violent attacks in Afghanistan, but none of these have affected many rounds of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban, and both sides have reached an agreement that includes the withdrawal of U.S. troops. From this point of view, the 5-day attack, which resulted in the death of a US soldier, could hardly be the only reason to influence the direction of negotiations between the two sides. On the contrary, it once again exposed the true face of the US governments repeated and credible persistent position on major international issues. Taliban spokesman Mujahid said in a statement on the 8th: Both sides are busy preparing for the declaration and signing the peace agreement, but now the President of the United States has cancelled the peace dialogue... The reputation of the United States will be affected, its anti-peace stance will be exposed around the world, and the loss of life and property will increase.

At the same time, Trumps decision also reveals that there are not only incomplete and unified strategies, but also great differences on Afghanistan in the United States. The unique geographical position of Afghanistan determines its great geostrategic value, which the U.S. government can not give up. Conservative forces in the United States have therefore been opposed to the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. But on the other hand, the 18-year war in Afghanistan has killed more than 2,300 U.S. soldiers and cost the United States trillions of dollars. Many Americans hope that the United States can pull out of the grave of the empire as soon as possible. The fundamental purpose of the United States to abandon the Afghan government and start negotiations with the Taliban alone is also because Trump is eager to withdraw from Afghanistan in order to fulfill his 2016 campaign commitments and increase the stakes for reappointment in 2020. As for how to withdraw and how to arrange the domestic political process in Afghanistan after withdrawal, the United States Government is absolutely right. No arrangement.

I wonder if Americans have noticed an embarrassing contradiction: the Afghan government says that only a ceasefire and direct dialogue with the Afghan government can bring lasting peace to Afghanistan; but the Afghan Taliban insists that they will not be foreign to the Afghan government until all foreign troops withdraw. Puppet regime negotiations.

The current security situation in Afghanistan is extremely complex: the Taliban has been constantly demonstrating its existence and strength by making terrorist attacks and launching attacks against government and foreign forces; and the forces of the extremist organization Islamic State, which has been seriously damaged in Syria and Iraq, have recently taken advantage of the central government of Afghanistan. The weakness of the government and the uncertainty of the domestic situation have gradually increased in Afghanistan and become one of the major threats to Afghanistans security.

At this critical juncture, all sides in Afghanistan need to act cautiously and visionary. On the 7 day, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the third Sino Palestinian foreign ministers dialogue with Afghan foreign minister Rabbani and Pakistan foreign minister Qureshi in Islamabad, Pakistan. After the meeting, Wang Yi pointed out that foreign troops should withdraw orderly and responsibly in order to ensure a smooth transition of the situation in Afghanistan.

Now the United States has no scruples about the situation in Afghanistan and the regional situation. To deal with the problem with the priority of the United States will only lead the situation to a more chaotic situation. In the end, only the welfare of the Afghan people will be sacrificed. (Nie Shuyi, commentator of Overseas Network)

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Li Zaixing_NBJS9026