Ministry of Public Security: People do not need to go to the Vehicle Control Station to register after purchasing cars from September 20.

 Ministry of Public Security: People do not need to go to the Vehicle Control Station to register after purchasing cars from September 20.

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The Ministry of Public Security has recently introduced six new measures to facilitate the people, which will be implemented on September 20. These measures include that the people do not need to go to the vehicle management office after buying cars, but can register at the sales enterprise site.

On September 10, 2019, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference to inform the relevant situation of six new measures of public security traffic control which will be implemented from September 20. According to Li Jiangping, Director-General of the Transportation Administration Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the three convenient and fast services include:

Vehicle registration and sales enterprises act as agents quickly, providing the whole process services of purchasing vehicles, purchasing insurance and registration of number selection, changing the multi-headed rush to one-stop closing of sales enterprises: carrying out pre-sale vehicle inspection, pre-examination of data, pre-entry of information, and minimizing the waiting time of the masses.

Traffic violations of leased cars can be handled quickly and simply, and the lessee can inquire through Handling 12123 APP online and handle the traffic violations of leased cars by himself, so as to avoid running too much. If the traffic violations are not handled in time, the public security traffic control department can transfer the traffic violation records to the name of the lessee driver, thus reducing the operating burden of the leasing enterprise and benefiting 30. More than 100,000 rental drivers and more than 20,000 rental enterprises.

In addition, temporary entry vehicle licenses are easy to handle, simplify the application procedures, extend the service life, promote the extension of temporary entry license business to border ports and free trade pilot areas, facilitate the travel of temporary entry vehicles, attract overseas talents to travel, reside in China, employment and entrepreneurship, and better serve the countrys opening-up war. Briefly, it will benefit hundreds of millions of foreigners who come to China every year; it will extend the age of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents to 60 years old when they renew their driving licenses for large and medium-sized passenger and freight cars in the Mainland from 50 years old; it will facilitate Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan drivers to engage in passenger and freight transportation in the Mainland (the Mainland), and promote the integration and development of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with the Mainland (the Mainland) and to share the achievements of development.

In addition, three online traffic management services include: comprehensively promoting the online transfer of passenger car transfer information, non-operating passenger car transfer from other places can apply directly to the place where the vehicle moves in, no longer need to file and inspect the vehicle at the place where it moves out, reducing the number of people commuting between the two places, and starting from September 20, the implementation of the city from 120 to 300. By the end of the year, it will be implemented in an all-round way throughout the country, saving at least 1 billion yuan in transportation and other expenses for the masses every year.

We will comprehensively implement the two education online learning, promote the application of the Internet learning education platform, implement driver examination education and full score education online application, online certification, online learning, and improve the quality and effectiveness of the two education learning. Since September 20, all cities in 11 pilot provinces have been popularized and applied. By June 2020, they will be popularized and applied all over the country.

The comprehensive implementation of online navigation hints for traffic accident-prone point sections and the provision of information navigation hints for traffic accident-prone point sections, road-occupying construction, traffic control and traffic management business network points will provide accurate informing and timely warning for hundreds of millions of map users, and effectively enhance the sense of safety and satisfaction of the masses. Since September 20, the local government has taken the lead in carrying out the project, and by the end of the year, it will be carried out nationwide.

According to Li Jiangping, the public security traffic control department has launched a series of measures to deepen the reform of public security traffic control, such as vehicle inspection, driving test, license plate management, accident handling, Internet platform, certificate office, online office and close office. Up to now, more than 400 million application materials have been reduced and exempted, more than 86 million people have checked cars across provinces, more than 1 million people have enjoyed the convenience of driving license nationwide examination, 230,000 people have taken examinations in different subjects, more than 20,000 social institutions and postal outlets have acted as office security and traffic management services, and Internet users have exceeded 275 million, benefiting more than 1 billion people. Secondly, it saved more than 40 billion yuan in operating costs of mass enterprises and was widely praised and welcomed by the masses.

As for the fast acting service of vehicle registration and sales enterprises, Li Jiangping introduced that this measure will be first implemented in large and medium-sized cities such as municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capitals, municipalities of autonomous regions, and cities with separate plans from September 20 this year. By the end of the year, it will be fully implemented throughout the country, gradually increasing the number of acting network points of motor vehicle sales enterprises to achieve full service. Coverage.

According to the data of the Ministry of Public Security, there are more than 8 800 car dealers and used car markets, more than 1,100 insurance companies and 5,700 postal agencies in China. The coverage radius of urban traffic management services has been reduced from more than 10 kilometers to less than 3 kilometers.

Li Jiangping said that after the implementation of this measure, the registration of mass car purchases will benefit more than 15 million car owners every year, and the time cost will be reduced from one day or even a few days to one hour. The average annual traffic cost will be saved by at least 200 million yuan.

What changes will be brought about by the implementation of online full-score education and examination education? The Ministry of Public Security said that drivers who participated in the former full-score education and examination education should all go to the scene to study. Now, except for the current scoring cycle, there are no 12-point records in the last two consecutive scoring cycles, and they are not drivers of large and medium-sized passenger and freight cars or school buses. Through the Internet Traffic Safety Integrated Service Management Platform or Traffic Management 12123 mobile app for self-registration and reservation, choose 5 antennas for learning, 2 days for on-site learning.

In addition, non-school bus drivers who hold AB drivers license from 1 to 8 points in a scoring cycle and who have not suffered traffic accidents that cause death and bear the same or more responsibilities, the three-hour examination education can all be conducted through online learning. After the completion of online learning, they can also submit the examination application directly on the Internet without having to specially submit to the traffic control department. The door business window has been processed.

Drivers who apply for full-score education and examination education need not fill in paper materials such as Record Form of Full-score Education for Motor Vehicle Drivers or Record Form of Vehicle Driver Examination Education. They can declare their physical condition through the Internet and record relevant information automatically by the system. Drivers can also choose to participate in full-score education through the Internet at any place in the provinces where the drivers license is issued or where the violation is committed, and to participate in examination education at any place.

The Ministry of Public Security also stressed that this action also curbed the insect division and replacing students for exams. Through the establishment of online learning supervision mechanism, the use of biopsy, face recognition technology and random capture technology, combined with artificial background spot check, to ensure that the driver himself learn.

Since the end of 2017, 1.12 million people have applied for full-score online education and examination education, and 960,000 people have completed full-score online education and examination education, which has achieved good social repercussions. At present, the Traffic Administration of the Ministry of Public Security has deployed the full-scale implementation of online full-score education and examination education, which is expected to be completed by the end of June 2020.

Tax exemption for vehicle purchases is good, and returnees from overseas study are tax exempt for car purchases.

Since July 1, 2019, the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Vehicle Purchase Tax (hereinafter referred to as the New Purchase Tax Law) will replace the Interim Regulations on Vehicle Purchase Tax, which have been in effect for 18 years. The tax rate will be 10%.

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