Qiwei got up and was crazy: The marriage between big woman and small man is all a routine.

 Qiwei got up and was crazy: The marriage between big woman and small man is all a routine.

But netizens are all jealous and envious of Qiwei. They have no hatred for Qiwei. It can be seen how popular Qiwei is.

Qi Weis talent show debuts, after entering and leaving the society, has been working hard on her own, sheltering herself from the wind and rain. There is no need to say the hardship. Besides being strong and independent, she is also known as Qi Ge because of her distinct personality, sharp speech and lack of the pretensions of ordinary female stars.

However, no matter how tough a woman is, no matter how strong her heart is, she will be soft when she meets love. After Qiwei married Li Chenghyun, her career was booming and people became soft. She grew long hair and became more and more gentle and peaceful.

They broke the traditional marriage pattern of strong men and weak women and strong men and weak women and strong men and weak women and Qiwei became the pillar of the family. However, Li Chenghyun, the former Korean idol, gradually faded out of the screen and took the care of his daughter as the focus of life.

The marriage form of role transfer, Li Chenghyuns good husband and Qi Weis personality change make people curious about this marriage.

Fortunately, in these two years, the couple began to show their love in groups. Through variety shows, we had a chance to see the couples daily life in close proximity.

Qiwei and his wife got up and were exposed

Although variety shows have scripts and stars appear and pose, the pressure field, communication style and way of getting along between two partners are always revealed in trackless.

In Our Little Two, even Xiangtai, who has always been tough, cant help but admire Qiwei after seeing the dialogue between Qiwei and Li Chenghyun: Qiwei, you are well trained!

Netizens jokingly call Qiwei and Li Chenghyun Qilixiang couples. Qilixiang is not only the name of Jay Chous songs, but also a positive plant. It belongs to Rutaceae. It should be placed in a sunny and airy place to flourish and fragrance. I have to say, it looks very much like the love shown by the couple.

So, what kind of sunshine and rain, what kind of way to get along, so that the couples marriage, fragrant, sweet as ever?

Qi Wei once confessed that she was more willing to believe in herself than in love.

She also once said a famous saying widely circulated on the Internet: Men are useless to me, because I will earn money, I will sweep, I will cook, I will fight, I will go shopping, if there is a man, I will wash and cook for him, and do housework.

It is because of this recognition that Qi Wei has never suffered from Princess disease and feels that she needs to live on a man. Marriage is an added bonus to her.

Even at the wedding, she exposed herself in the interview that she was not the happiest at the wedding ceremony, and said frankly: like announcing in the theatre. Only when her husband, Li Chenghyun, said the oath, did she feel a little touched.

Although married, Qiweis career is becoming more and more prosperous. When she comes back after childbirth, she starred in the city emotional inspiration drama Im Dulala. For 18 years, Chen Ke, a strong woman in the inspiration drama Beijing Womens Tujian, became a big hit.

With the popularity of variety shows, she began to take her husband and children to variety shows again. The harder we fight, the more resources we have. With the increase of resources, the harder we work.

On the contrary, Li Chenghyun remained tepid and eventually became Qiweis husband.

Positive Interpretation, Timely and Positive Communication

In the latest episode of Our Little Two, Li Chenghyun asked Qiwei, What have I done wrong in the past five years, or can I improve it?

Qiweis reaction at the moment was very strange, how could she ask such a question, so she answered directly that she had not.

In fact, we can see in the program, even if they are not without conflicts and contradictions, but every time uncomfortable, they are resolved through timely and positive communication.

In the program, Qi Wei made rib soup. Because it was only made once in four years, she was very happy to invite her husband to taste it. I hope she can get praise and reward from her husband. As a result, Li Chenghyun simply and directly answered: too light. Qiwei was hurt by this reaction.

So the younger couple had a conversation sitting on the sofa behind them. This conversation can be called a textbook of how to teach men and how men coax women. You may as well take a look at it.

Girls can only believe 70% of the words can not be fully believed, when she needs your evaluation, you take a little care not to let her feel very false, also do not directly deny.

The seasoning in the emotion is not its original taste, just like soup, it still needs to add a little salt, otherwise it is too light.

In fact, many of us felt the same about many things at the beginning of our relationship as Qiwei did when she heard Li Chengxuan complaining about the lack of soup.

Cant you praise me for my intense preparation?

Cant you see what Im giving?

In fact, as long as you affirm me first, and then say the thing that the soup is weak, I will accept it with great pleasure. Dont you know?

Unfortunately, either we dont say it, or what we say turns into complaints and accusations. Such a thing is not big, but it happens, and without treatment, it becomes a minor trauma in our relationship. A large number of minor traumas gather together to form a big rift affecting our relationship.

In this regard, we may as well learn Qiwei, through any time, positive, rational communication and mediation, all the minor trauma will be resolved into invisible, couples do not have overnight feuds, why not long-term feelings?

Another detail is that Qiwei needs to go out on her birthday. Li Chenghyun, a straight man, wrote Happy Birthday to celebrate her birthday in the mirror at home (using Qiweis favorite slogan).

Afraid of disturbing the child to sleep, and afraid that the child crying in the middle of the night need to be crowded, so Li Chenghyun placed two small benches in the toilet at home, enjoying the couples good time.

Respect each other and give each other their own rights

This is a very impressive point in Qiweis communication with Li Chenghyun.

Although Qi Wei earns more and has more resources, she never interferes with Li Chenghyuns freedom and makes him what she wants to be.

When Li Chenghyun took the wrong road, she did not complain. Instead, she smiled and accepted the unexpected pleasure of taking the wrong road with the guides suggestion of discovering the world by taking the wrong road and discovering herself by taking the right road.

Li Chengxuan also said that one of the things that touched my wife most was that she only encouraged her and did not complain.

Although their marriage pattern is quite different from that of most families, their marriage pattern is only a natural choice for their relationship and career development. More and more people are putting more emphasis on their work, while the other is consciously undertaking another part of the work, only with different stages of choice.

In traditional Chinese culture, if men do not earn money outside, face will not hang, women will also have a lot of complaints.

Being too confined to traditional ideas and unable to enjoy the present life is the cause of many peoples misfortune.

I have also met many men who feel that they are living a inferior life because their family conditions and income are not as good as those of their female counterparts. Either the woman is careful or the man is too careful to achieve balance.

I recently had a visitor who came to me because of love problems. Her problem is that her boyfriend is doing well in everything, but her income is not as good as herself. Visitors themselves are very good at income, working background, local resources and so on.

I asked her at that time, if you were a man and he was a woman, would you find him as a wife? The woman answered, I certainly did not hesitate to marry him, his appearance and personality are good, his parents are also very good, is the ideal marriage partner.

Look, this is the imprisonment that gender differences bring us. Under the same conditions, if we change the gender, the choice will be totally different. And this difference and imprisonment is what we bring to ourselves.

In fact, marriage is like shoes, cold and warm self-knowledge. If you wear good shoes, you will wear them once or twice at most, then you will put on the shoe rack and never wear them again. Only a pair of comfortable shoes can accompany you all over the world.

We might as well learn from Qiwei, do a good job of ourselves, wear good shoes, go our own way, let others talk about it! Maybe inadvertently, your road will become more spacious.