Several principals of major international film festivals will participate in the 3rd Pingyao Film Exhibition

 Several principals of major international film festivals will participate in the 3rd Pingyao Film Exhibition

Apart from Carlo Chatrian, the new artistic director of the Berlin International Film Festival, Christian Jeune, the director of Cannes International Film Festival and George Goorgio Gosetti, the unit director of Venice Day at the Venice International Film Festival, who had previously confirmed attendance, the directors of several major Asian film festivals are all responsible. In October this year, we will come to Pingyao to focus on the new works presented in Pingyao. They include Jay JEON, Art Director of Busan International Film Festival, Takeo Hisamatsu, Chairman of Tokyo International Film Festival, Liyabo Albert Lee, Director of Hong Kong International Film Festival, and Program Planning Director of Singapore International Film Festival. Kuo Ming-Jun and Shozo Ichiyama, chairman of FILMeX, Tokyo Ginza Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Kirill Razlogov, director of Moscow International Film Festival, and Marco Kema, co-founder of Spains Litchi International Film Festival, confirmed their participation in the third Pingyao Film Festival, in which the Moscow Film Festival is the second oldest film festival in the world, after the Venice Film Festival. The International Film Festival is one of the few film festivals in the world devoted to Chinese writers and art films.

In addition, as in the previous two film exhibitions, a number of important international film festival film candidates will also gather in Pingyao, including Cannes Film Festival Directors Week Asian film selector Benjamin Illos, Hong Kong International Film Festival selector Feng Jiaqi Kiki Fung and Far East International Film Festival program planner Sabrina Baracher. Ti Sabrina Baraccetti et al.

At that time, Pingyao International Film Fair will hold relevant academic forums and several theme parties around the key guests, inviting the directors or film selectors of major film festivals to interact with young Chinese filmmakers. The 3rd Pingyao International Film Exhibition will be held at Pingyao Film Palace in Pingyao Ancient City, Jinzhong, Shanxi Province from October 10 to 19.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020