Tea Girl Gang Arrested: Fictitious Pure Image Releases Single Information

 Tea Girl Gang Arrested: Fictitious Pure Image Releases Single Information

Zhang Liang, a Zhengzhou native in Henan Province, never thought that Lili, a sweet and beautiful Weixin friend, was far less simple than it seemed.

For more than a dozen days, the two of them had been interacting on Wechat, and he was very concerned about the girl. The girl was lovelorn. He was afraid of her sadness. The girl was ill. He asked her to go to the hospital for drips. He also bought more than 1,000 yuan of tea from her grandfathers house by Wechat transfer. It was not until September 2019 that Changsha County Public Security Bureau of Changsha City, Hunan Province, found out about Zhang Liang that he was fooled.

Changsha County police report shows that recently, the Bureau removed two fraudulent groups of tea-selling women from Changsha, Hunan and Wuhan, Hubei Province, and captured 138 suspects. At the same time, the bureau also obtained chat scripts for tea-selling women.

Changsha County police removed the tea-selling womens nest in Wuhan, and many of the people involved were taken away. Map for Changsha County Public Security Bureau

According to Zhou Shuyu, the police officer handling the case, the above-mentioned fraudulent groups have a clear division of labor and unified teaching materials. They cultivate feelings with victims, build trust and eventually commit fraudulent acts by chatting with them on Wechat. Most of the victims were men with families, who were cheated of little money and did not want their families and outsiders to know. So far, no one has reported the case voluntarily. However, according to incomplete statistics of Changsha County Police, the victims have reached more than 3000.

In response, Chen Haiping, a lecturer at the School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, said that psychology has a concept called role framework, which is actually a kind of thinking presupposition. The reason why the deception is difficult to detect is that the mental presupposition accords with the psychological expectations of the hunted. The characters portrayed in drama scripts are simple, sweet and filial, all of which belong to the feminine characteristics men like, so many victims are not aware of it. Chen Haiping said.

Sweet Encounter

Zhang Liang, 38, cant remember how to add a Lili message. But he knows, Lili is a simple beautiful girl, she said, You are my first netizen.

From March 2019, Zhang Liang and Lili seem to have opened a sweet encounter, chatting about work and life. In Lilis words, she is 23 years old, divorced from her parents at an early age and raised in their parents. A year ago, she graduated from a university in Changsha and worked as a teacher in a childrens interest training institution, earning about 5,000 yuan a month. During her college years, she made a boyfriend, but now he lives in Shanghai and they have been in love for a year and quarrel from time to time.

When we have a good chat, Lili will take the initiative to send self-photos in the office. In the photo, she is sweet and beautiful, everything is like Zhang Liangs imagination.

A chat record between a tea seller and a victim. Photographer Li Yingqiang, Beijing News

On the fifth day of being a friend, Lili suddenly asked Zhang Liang, Is it true that long-distance love is fruitless? Recently, her boyfriend didnt answer the phone calls, and she didnt return the news when she was sick yesterday. Her relationship with her boyfriend seems to be in trouble. On the seventh day, Lili broke up with her boyfriend and decided to go to Nanping, Fujian Province to relax.

From that day on, Lili from time to time sent photos and videos of Grandpas Tea Mountain, consciously or unconsciously asking him, Would you like to try my grandpas pure hand-made organic tea? Zhang Liang, immersed in the beauty, quickly responded, If I want money, Ill try. If I dont want money, I wont try.

In this way, on the 7th day, Zhang Liang transferred 1300 yuan to Lili Wechat and bought her grandfathers collection of white tea and Maojian. On the eighth day, Lili said that Grandpa felt that Zhang Liang was very good to himself and knew about tea. He was ready to give him a kilogram of Zhengshan race, which he had collected at home, for only 2888 yuan.

This time, Zhang Liangwan refused Lili did not pay, and since then she can no longer be contacted. But he never thought he was fooled. He only thought that the girl had made friends again and no longer paid attention to herself.

The experience of Han Tao and Zhang Liang in Huanxian County, Gansu Province is similar. He got acquainted with the pure and beautiful female model Jiajia on the Wechat. Jiajias routine is similar to Lilis. After chatting with Han Tao, he went to his grandfathers house, who is a tea farmer in Fujian Province. Through Weixin, Han Tao spent 400 yuan to buy half a Jin Junmei from his grandfather Jiajia and sent her a red envelope of 13.14 yuan on Jiajias birthday.

Tight organization and clear lines

Lili and Jiajia are not real names. They are only the aliases of more than 120 professional tea sellers who attract customers. On June 4, 2019, Changsha County Police removed two tea-selling womens nests suspected of fraud in Changsha, Hunan Province and Wuhan, Hubei Province. A total of 138 members of the gang were arrested, 103 prisoners were detained, 108 computers, 400 mobile phones were seized and 400,000 yuan of funds were frozen.

Changsha County Police found that Lili and Jiajia are closely organized, which can be divided into business group, professional group, technical group, supervision group, logistics group and so on.

According to Wang Chengchen, a police officer handling the case, the work of the professional team is relatively simple. It is responsible for providing pictures of models and videos of tea mountain used in micro-messaging chat to create the external image of tea sellers. The technical team is responsible for purchasing micro-signals, nurses and powder from network technology companies.

The police control the women who sell tea. Map for Changsha County Public Security Bureau

According to the different time of micro-signal registration, technicians buy unused micro-signals from technology companies at prices ranging from 100 yuan to 300 yuan, each time more than 100. These micro-signals will be distributed to the business group, each number will be replaced by the model photos provided by the technical group, and then logged in for three or four days, sending two circles of friends a day, that is, the maintenance number.

Afterwards, the business group returns the microsignals to the technical group, which buys the powder from the professional powder merchants. According to the confession of the suspect Yan Mou, the price of each fan is 8-12 yuan, and the fan merchant guarantees that 99% of the fans are male.

After buying the micro-signal, each has six or seven hundred friends waiting to add validation. When staff members add them to their friends, they will label them as A, B and S depending on their level of activity. A refers to chatting; B refers to not talking much; S refers to deleting friends. About 600 friends are added to each issue, and about half of them are active. The suspect Chen Mou said.

Yan Yong, the gangs chief criminal, confessed that for the sake of safety, the micro-signals with hundreds of fans were used only once, and they would be discarded after the fraud. In addition, in order to prevent Tencent from detecting multiple micro-signals logged in at the same IP address and frequent marketing, staff members were asked to connect the mobile phone to the hot spots of private mobile phones. In this way, even if one micro-signal is sealed, other micro-signals will not be affected.

Arranged dramas

Among several lines of business, the business groups acting as Lili and Jiajia have direct contact with the victims and chat fishing according to the prepared scripts.

The suspect Chen Mou introduced that the fishing drama is divided into 10 stages. The first day - the sixth day to cultivate feelings, the seventh day to start selling tea, the tenth day to ask for birthday red envelopes, the eleventh day to help foreign public fried tea scalded hands, borrow money to buy air tickets home for treatment. If the first sale of tea is successful, the tea sellers will be able to push higher prices of tea inch by inch. Once customers refuse to consume, the tea sellers will disappear from the Wechat.

According to Yan Yongs confession, besides the fixed plot in the script, there are many fastidious words in the rhetoric. For example, when you just add Weixin friends, you should be alert to strangers; chat language should not be too official, you should control the rhythm, slowly let the other party relax vigilance, create an illusion of understanding is fate; or show high cold from time to time. State, want to catch up, this will make the other party more interested; but also inadvertently release the key information such as single, looking for a partner, high pressure to give the other party an organic sense of multiplication.

In addition, there are also taboos in verbal communication, such as not chatting with ambiguous customers for a long time, changing the chatting skills in time to grasp the initiative of the discourse, and not being biased. For customers who do not take the initiative to chat back, the voice of Wechat is sent at 9:00 every night: Why dont I talk? ?

A suspect told the Beijing News, Some of the sentences in the operation are more rigid. I will change the air and ask the salesman to strictly implement them. For example, its too stiff to chat with your newly added Twitter friends without sending Hello, Nice to meet you. The suspect would change it to I never make friends online, maybe I added wrong friends.

Tea-selling women used to rent houses and work in Changsha New Changhai Square. Photographer Li Yingqiang, Beijing News

According to the script, Yan Yong asked the salesman to send five or six chat messages to each friend every day, not to send them in groups, but to talk alone. When the customer has the intention to buy tea, the salesman sends the two-dimensional code of the receipt controlled by the gang owner.

The supervisory group will supervise the work of the business group. Once it finds that the salesman does not strictly follow the script chat, he should be reminded, and those who refuse to make corrections should be dismissed. The logistics team buys cheap tea from a tea market in Changsha, according to the order situation, and sends it to customers by express delivery.

On August 29, the suspect Liu Mou told the Beijing News that under such an arrangement, fast customers and tea sellers would order tea for 7 days after chatting, and slow ones for 12 days or so. Among them, the small amount of orders is 4,500 yuan, and the large amount can reach more than 5,000 yuan. In addition, the above criminal groups will use similar methods to sell ginseng and alcoholic products.

Zhou Shuyu, the leader of the anti-telecommunication fraud squadron of Changsha Public Security Bureau, said that the routine of tea-selling women was similar to the previous popular network fraud killing pig dish. The deception in pig killing dish is a fictional beauty man who has the identity of tall and tall. They get to know girls online love and wait for money to cheat money. The girl who is cheated is called pig. The commonness of these two deceptions is that they rely on chatting to cultivate feelings, build trust, gain sympathy and commit fraud. Zhou Shuyu said. (Victims are aliased in the article)

Source: Zhou Xinyi_NB12002, responsible editor of Beijing Newspaper