Luo Xiaos Black War box office breaks through 100 million Shenzhen Road Performing fanssuper enthusiasm

 Luo Xiaos Black War box office breaks through 100 million Shenzhen Road Performing fanssuper enthusiasm

The fans of Guangzhou Station are well-trained. In order to meet wood directors and Argentina, they put on the Xiao Hei assistance hoop neatly. In addition, each of them is equipped with the call of the aid online. The atmosphere on the spot is very lively. There is also a special part of the scene, which requires two teachers to answer satisfactorily in order to give gifts to fans. Wood directors and Argentina are also generously challenged.

The interaction between directors and fans is also very interesting. A worried fan asked the director, When do you change clothes for infinity? The directors own location with the Tucao property is also very smooth: unlimited self can use the spell to remove stains from clothes. He has his own washing machine. The witty answer made the fans burst into laughter. Wood also exploded unlimited material is the first person that he created when he conceived this world outlook, and later plays will strive for more months. Finally, the director forced to open learned a Cantonese sentence from the fans: On September 7, Luo Xiaoheijie, box office sales.

After the road show in Guangzhou, the main creators came to Shenzhen to meet the local fans. Fans were surprised to send customized Wood Cake and Shenzhen People Are Coming banners, which can be said to be City Play. Among them, a big knife on the Wood Cake implies that Luo Xiaoheis fansknife neck rack is more urgent, and the ghost logic makes the director wood and Argentina laugh on the spot.

Quality can withstand passer-by testing to top box office championship in the first weekend

As an IP animated film, Luo Xiaos Black War, which has been born for eight years, has a strong fan base. The film was filled with public praise. After the film was officially released, it began to face the test of the market formally. At present, it seems that the audience feedback is excellent, the word-of-mouth is soaring, the three platforms have received super high scores. Most audiences have expressed that the film is very friendly to passers-by, and even those who have not seen the drama can get a very good experience.

As far as the commercial elements of animated movies are concerned, Luo Xiaos Black War has fresh painting style, warm and interesting stories, world outlook with huge imagination and high-burning battle scenes. It is a quite qualified animated film that superimposes several factors and makes the viewing level rise. More audiences were moved by the infinite mentoring and Apprenticeship of Xiao Hei in the movie. From the initial hostility to the later reluctance, it also makes the theme expression of self-growth very full. Compared with the original animation, the film version of Luo Xiaos Black War is more delicate in artistic expression, and constructs a complete and rich world of human demons. The combination of fantasy and humanistic elements has greatly enhanced the artistic depth of this work and brought people different deep thinking.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020