Unsatisfied with the annual salary of only 1.47 million British Airways pilots strike the airport into a ghost city

 Unsatisfied with the annual salary of only 1.47 million British Airways pilots strike the airport into a ghost city

We have no choice but to cancel almost all flights, British Airways said on its official website on the morning of 9 London Time.

British Airways Official Statement

The British Aviation Pilot Association (Balpa) said it would strike for 48 hours in a protracted pay dispute, and that if their pay problem remained unresolved, it would hold a further strike on September 27.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the strike would hamper the travel of 280,000 people.

There is no one at the check-in counter of British Airways in London Heathrow Terminal 5 (photo source: YouTube)

British Airways sent an e-mail to its 4,300 pilots last Friday warning them that the strike would be a serious breach of their contracts and even threatening to cancel their travel allowances for the next three years (buying tickets at a discount). But Balpa said BA threatens pilots who are going to strike, which is bound to make things worse.

Balpa said the cost of the strike was about 40 million a day, and the planned three-day strike would cost British Airways 120 million (about 1057 million).

Pilots are not satisfied with their salaries

According to the Guardian, BA and Balpa have both expressed their willingness to start new negotiations, but the vast majority of BA flights taking off from Britain on 9 and 10 have been cancelled. Data show that BA operates more than 800 flights a day and most flights are cancelled, which means that up to 140,000 passengers will be delayed every day.

Screenshot of Guardian Report

At present, passengers affected by the pilotsstrike have either received refunds, re-booked flights on another date, or selected other airlines.

British Airways executives also have high salaries and generous benefits, but they do not listen to our demands, refuse to negotiate, and put the companys profits above passengers and employees. The strike caused much more damage to British Airways than needed to settle the pay dispute. Its time to go back to the negotiating table and come up with a serious proposal to end the dispute.

The Daily Economic Journalist noted that BA had previously proposed an 11.5% pay increase for the pilots in three years.

A spokesman for BA said: At present, the average annual salary of BAs captain is 167,000 pounds (about 1.47 million yuan), plus flight subsidy. The 11.5% increase will bring the average annual salary of the captains to 200,000 pounds. British Airways also said that nearly 90% of its employees, including engineers, unmanned and ground crews, had accepted the three-year salary increase of 11.5%.

There is no one at the check-in counter of British Airways at Heathrow 5 in London (photo source: Twitter)

In recent years, British Airways has been in a state of frequent occurrence.

Its not really about money, its about respect, a British Airways pilot told the Guardian on Friday. Before that, when BA was in trouble, we had abandoned a pension plan and a raise in salary. These are all based on the promise that when the company gets through, we will benefit.

In fact, the plight of BA is far more than the pilot strike. BAs IT security vulnerabilities were exposed last year when hackers stole personal data from 500,000 BA customers, resulting in a fine of 183 million pounds.

In July this year, more than 500 British Airways flights were cancelled or delayed due to computer system failures, which also caused inconvenience to tens of thousands of passengers. In 2017, a power outage caused 75,000 British Airlines passengers to stay at the airport for several days.

According to the regulations of the British Civil Aviation Authority, passengers are legally entitled to change flights in case of the above-mentioned situation, and the cost is paid by British Airways.