106 Bai Fumei cheated 140 million people into life imprisonment.

 106 Bai Fumei cheated 140 million people into life imprisonment.

Pictures from Shaoxing Intermediate Peoples Court

New shares did not hit, more than 400,000 hit the drift.

In November 2016, a micro-signal nicknamed Yamo lime found the victim Gu Mou through her mobile phone number. She said she was called Li lime and engaged in wedding dress design business.

In addition to the work, Li Li Lis friends are surrounded by famous cars, watches and pictures of her vacation abroad, just like a white rich beauty image. From time to time, the two sides chatted about their lives and interests, and soon got acquainted with each other.

One day, Li Li Li happened to mention that he was looking at the market and had made a lot of money. She told Gu that her uncle worked in the postal currency card trading center and had insider information, followed by her new shares to make a steady profit! Because of the good relationship before, Gu added insider and assistant Wu micro-letters, and under her guidance, he entered more than 420,000 yuan into the account of Li Li Li Li Li Li Li to help open accounts. It was used to hit new stocks, but it was unsuccessful. Assistant Wu recommended Gu to buy a postcard in the secondary market.

Shortly afterwards, Gu found that the price of his own stamp card was quite different from that of Li Li Li. Even without saying the loss, Assistant Wu kept asking for more money in his account, indicating that the temporary decline was just clearing up individual investors.

Until the end of December 2016, Gu only had more than 280,000 yuan left in his account, which could not be withdrawn because the platform stopped operating. Gu realized that he had been cheated.

More than 400 people were recruited into the gentle trap

In March 2016, Zhong Mou, who works in Beijing, came to an investment company in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as Head Office) set up by Jiang Mou, Xu Mou and Zhang Mou (all dealt with separately) as a salesman. At that time, his duty was to continuously attract customers to buy 26 kinds of postage cards, such as smooth sailing and Agricultural Learning Dazhai, which were all set up by the Head Office. It is purchased first and then commissioned to be listed on a large trading platform. Two or three months later, because of excellent performance and strong team cohesion, Zhong Mou Ping Bu Qingyun: first recommended as the business manager of the head office, then assigned to the branch office as the general manager, with nine departments and more than 100 subordinates of salesmen.

Branch is a business company. Here, more than 100 Postcard salesmen have been packaged by Wechat Friends Circle, becoming a White Fumei with exquisite ability and gentleness to attract customers. Subsequently, using the sales information provided by the head office, Zhong instructed the managers of various departments to pretend to be assistant analysts of postal currency cards or teachers, to entice customers to buy postal currency cards at specified time and price, and to appease customers when ticket prices fell on the grounds of clearing up retail customers and going up, demanding further investment. It is understood that salesmen get commission according to the customers income, and their performance is assessed by the head office layer by layer. Once the customer withdraws capital, salesmen must compensate for the loss with equivalent sales performance, otherwise they will be deducted wages.

In this way, in less than half a year, more than 100 Zhongmou salesmen have lured more than 400 victims to invest in postal currency cards, involving a total amount of more than 140 million yuan. Beginning in August 2017, 106 people, such as Zhong Mou, were captured by the public security police successively.

Price manipulation at will, there is a regulatory blind spot

Ming Ming before the good market of postal currency cards, why did they suffer a drop after buying? Originally, the rise and fall of the market is entirely controlled by the head office of the company that purchases the postal currency cards listed on the market.

After trial, it was found that in order to control the price at the beginning of the ticketing, the head office only put 10-15% of the total amount of the stamp card on the market, and the trader invoiced the stamp card price from the low to the high by buying and selling it back and forth from several sub-accounts. At this time, the branch salesmen to insider information as a reason to lure customers to concentrate on the purchase of designated postal currency cards.

Seeing the money coming in, the trader sold his share of the postal currency card in large quantities, causing the price to drop continuously. When the price fell to a low level, he bought it again at a low price and carried out a new round of cutting leek. By repeatedly selling high and absorbing low, customerslosses all fall into their pockets.

It is reported that the stamp card transaction began at the end of 2013, through the spot trading platform, stamps, coins, souvenir badges and other physical collections are issued and traded online just like stocks. Postal currency card transactions do not need to be examined by the national securities regulatory agencies, but are examined and approved by the provincial financial offices. Therefore, they have been in the blind area of market supervision. There are frequent behind-the-scenes manipulation, ups and downs, and many other disorders, including criminal offences.

After the trial, the Shaoxing Intermediate Court of Justice held that 106 people, such as Zhong Mou, used the means of fabricating facts or concealing the truth to defraud other peoples property for the purpose of illegal possession, and their acts constituted the crime of fraud, and thus rendered the above judgment.

Source: Du Shuo_NB12556, responsible editor of Beijing News